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imbolc Winter retreat

Awaken Sisters to 2024

Imbolc or Candlemas marks the mid-way point  between the Winter Solstice and the Spring Equinox in the Wheel of the Year. The Earth appears to be resting but under the surface she awakens from her Winter Slumber.

If you look closely you’ll notice the first signs of spring.

As Mother Earth quickens, so do the seeds of intentions we plant at this time.  We clear out the cobwebs of the past year and get forge the path ahead. Join me, Jennifer Harvard, and a host of other Divine Feminine leaders for an amazing Imbolc retreat. The vows we create will take root and grow throughout the year .

Spring Flowers.jpg
  • 10:30: Arrival; Check in (lodge)

  • 11:30: Procession to The Well

  • 11:45: Opening Ceremony 

  •  1:00: Break

  •  1:30: Plant Speak: Listening to the Wisdom of the Rooted Ones with Leah Larabell of High Garden (The Well  & Outside)

  •  3:15: Candle Magick - Rolling, Dressing, 

  • Anointing and Spell Creation w/ Jennifer (Lodge)

  •  5:30: Potluck Supper

  •  7:00: Sound Bath with Iridescent Knowing (The Well)

  •  8:00: Traveling Guests Depart

day one

dreaming the dream

  • 7:00: Breakfast 

  • 8:00: Shamanic Journey to Connect with Brigid to find our Vows (the Well)

  • 9:30-10:30: Integration/Free Time

  • 10:30: Tea Ceremony w/ The Tea Huntress (the Well)

  • 12:00:Lunch

  • 1:00: Closing Circle

  • 2:00: Depart

day two

planting the seeds


The 2024 Imbolc Retreat will be held on the mystical magical land that Gaia Sisterhood calls our home away from home. Penuel Ridge is a contemplative, interfaith retreat center near Nashville, Tennessee.  

Penuel The Well Morning.jpg


 February 3 and 4, 2024


Penuel Ridge Retreat Center

1440 Sams Creek Road, 

Ashland City, Tennessee



$381 including overnight lodging****

(Payment options below)

We have 6 additional spaces for women not staying overnight for $281

Payment options for overnight lodging:

1 Payment of $381 OR 2 Payments of $205 totaling $410

Experience the fullness of Winter and the possibility of what is to come in a way you have never done so before!

Leah Larabell will guide us as we walk among our neighbors in nature and celebrate the thaw that is Imbolc.  The time of year when Winter’s chill is releasing and Spring is whispering promises of warmth.  Lets come out of the stillness and move with intention.  Meet our plant family who is offering gifts and wisdom of movement, letting go of that which does not serve us and filling our systems with deeper care.  Speak to the rooted ones and learn their ancient secrets only shared with those who know how to listen.  Tear down walls built through behavioral training and emerge more connected to the wholeness around.  The plants have so much to teach us, come and let’s learn not only their names but also their stories they wish to tell.  

Brigid Imbolc_edited.jpg

After we have communed with the plants we will continue to breathe in and out through the rhythm of the day with the ancient magickal tradition of candle rolling and dressing; dinner; and an enchanting sound bath with Maria Brannon. We will retire to the dreamworld where deep work happens while our body rests.

Sunday will continue with Shamanic Journeying and a tea ceremony with the Tea Huntress. Tea is an ancient plant spirit medicine, a salve for the soul, a tonic for the spirit and a balm for the body. In ceremony, Tea becomes a wise and gentle guide, leading us to our highest selves and deepest peace. The Tea Huntress will share a traditional tea ceremony in our circle of Sisters.


Throughout the weekend our bodies will be fed with delicious and nutrient rich foods to support our experiences. Though the work is deeply profound there is a great lightness of spirit in communing in a circle of sisters as the light returns to our world!


Jennifer Harvard

Jennifer Harvard is the visionary behind Gaia Sisterhood which was founded in 2016. Jennifer has spent a lifetime educating herself  on the principals of natural health and healing. Founder of the Wise Women Full Moon Retreats, Gaia Circles and the Goddess Craft Markets, she has cast a wide net of openness and inclusivity, welcoming as many women as possible into her Divine Feminine work.  Her paths of study have led to becoming a:

  •  Licensed Massage therapist specializing in Ayurvedic Massage

  • Certified Conscious Breathwork Coach

  • Aromatherapist

  • Reiki Healer

  • Priestess of the Sacred Grove

  • Ayurvedic Student Practitioner

"It is with great humility and honor that I devote my energy to creating a safe space for women to come together and heal themselves, each other and the world."

Leah Larabell

Leah Larabell, founder of High Garden Tea is a nature-loving wife, mother and daughter who finds a great deal of purpose and satisfaction in sharing my love for the land.


Descended from a long line of Celtic Cunning Folk she found her gifts within the world of herbalism. She has dedicated over a decade of her life to rigorously studying and diligently practicing the art. Some of her teachers have included Lisa “Pipsissawa” Bedner, Darryl Patton “The Southern Herbalist”, and David Winston of Herbalist & Alchemist as well as Mother Nature herself. 

Leah Larabell

A great deal of study and practice has taught her to take into consideration phytochemical responses in the body in relation to the whole state of the person’s being.  She never "uses" plants, instead calls upon them and asks for their help, looking toward them for insight, or simply sitting by them for companionship.   She is forever student of the land and eternally grateful for the lessons.  

image0 (2).jpeg

Maria Brannon

Maria Brannon, founder of Iridescent Knowing, helps stressed out humans relax and reconnect to their most authentic self, to their inner knowing, through the facilitation of sacred sounds, activation of the voice, energy work, stone medicine, dream exploration and more. She loves the chance to work 1:1 with those who feel called to go deep into the re-membering of who they are truly here to be and finds great joy in facilitating soundbath journeys for groups of all sizes.

Find more info at and connect with Maria on IG @iridescentknowing

Meet the Tea Huntress, Sarah Scarborough. She writes, "My journey with tea began when I was about 20 years old, but I must have been moving towards it all along. My first memories are of extracting essences from the wildflowers in my backyard when I was a child, foraging healing plants with my Finnish grandmother and studying heirloom seed catalogs. I always knew that I was going to work with plants when I grew up.

At University and throughout my twenties, I worked in sustainable agriculture in California, Montana, Tennessee and Connecticut.  During a spell working as a cook at a beautiful little Tibetan teahouse in Montana, tea found me. Something inside of me turned on and I though I didn’t know where she would lead me, I had no choice but to follow. My love of travel, agriculture, sustainability and wellness, came together in tea and it made me come alive!

Sarah Scarborough

Sarah Scarborough.jpg

Since then, I have worked as a tea buyer, taster and formulator for businesses and brands across the globe. I have seen traditional cultures around the world and how they share tea to cultivate peace, wisdom and connection; how sacred movement and meditation enable us to drop into awareness of the magic of life.

This is what I want to share with you… a pathway into the magic of life through the art and ritual of tea. 


Registration is now open.
***Please choose "LOCAL" under "Shipping Rates" at checkout.

Gaia Sisterhood Cancellation Policy:  ​  


Life happens and occasionally attendees find themselves needing to cancel. While I will make every attempt to fill your space, my retreats have moving parts that require advance investment from me such as the purchase of food or deposits on space. Due to these things I have adopted the following policy for clarity on cancellations.   ​  All events are fully refundable up to 30 days in advance. Any cancellations under 30 days prior to the event are eligible for a credit toward another Gaia Sisterhood event.  Cancellations within 7 days prior to any event forfeit all payments.

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