Gaia Sisterhood Retreats

Women have always been the healers. They were the midwives, nurses, councilors and teachers passing down knowledge from generation to generation. 

join your sisters to share and grow and widen the circle.

Gaia Sisterhood offers seasonal retreats aligned with the wheel of the year.

These retreats are facilitated by Jennifer Harvard and feature other Wise Women

she has encountered and learned from as she walks her path.

Retreat Location:

We Strive to Find Locations to Best Serve our Coummunity

Gaia Sisterhood Retreats partners with amazing hosts Middle Tennessee locations including Penuel Ridge Retreat Center and Gray Bear Lodge.  Penuel Ridge is located on 135 acres of lovely, rolling land, with a lake, meadows, woods, trails, and wildlife. The Penuel Ridge facility also features a straw bale chapel (The Well) and a hermitage (The Dorothy Day Cottage). The Main Retreat House serves as a comfortable meeting, dining, and sleeping space. All are welcome at the Penuel Ridge Retreat Center regardless of faith traditions, race, gender, income, age, or education. Gray Bear Lodge is nestled in the rolling forest of the beautiful West Tennessee hills, Gray Bear Holistic Retreat Center is a pause along your path, fulfilling the ideal environment for health, relaxation, and yoga. 

Penuel Center House
Penuel The Well Side Wall
Penuel The Well Morning

"The facilitators were amazing, the workshops were all perfect and fascinating, the food was tasty, the attendees were incredible... It was perfect!"

Wise Women:

We are excited (and honored) to introduce you to our team of incredible Wise Women we currently or have in the past partnered with to facilitate an amazing retreat experience for you!

Meditation Tipi
Saturday Night
Returning (2017)
Body Painting
Shrine Art Workshop
Herbal Wisdom
Shrine Art
Returning To The Mother (2016)
Gong in the Well