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walking the spiral path

of the Goddess:

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The Realm of the Fae

The Spiral Path of The Goddess is
A Seasonal Mystery School
with Ancient Rituals, Ceremonies, and Practices
for the Modern Priestess.


Have you ever walked barefoot on a mossy path, feeling the cool, spongy earth beneath your feet, noticing the vibrant green hues as the sunlight beams through the trees creating a collage of shadows on the forest floor?

 Have you stepped outside on the first day of Spring and listened to the birds, felt the warm sun on your face and noticed each tiny bud slowly opening as it welcomes the season of light once more?





As we move from Beltane towards the Summer Solstice, the Spiral Path leads us to the land of the Faery Folk where we meet their Queen.

Aine or the Bright one, is a Solar Deity and Moon Goddess.

She is the bringer of delight.

Listen as she asks,

“What brings you pleasure?”

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our journey begins at 1pm on June 9 with an invitation to the Queen of the fae to join us!


~Opening Circle, check in and explanation of the Spiral Path.

~Shamanic Journey to the land of Fae to connect with Queen Aine.

1:45: Charcuterie Board and Bathroom break

2:00: Make Flower Lanterns

3:00: Tuning into Pleasure through the Senses

3:45: Music and Mantra with Joanna Barbera of Music City Mindfulness.

5:00: Closing Meditation and speak around 

    The Spiral Path of the Goddess is one that recognizes our deepest connection to Mother Earth and sees the magick in Nature beyond the mundane world. By connecting with her through seasonal ceremonies, rituals, and creative processes, we grow and expand on the path.

Pressed Flower Lantern.jpg

Together we will craft magickal lanterns to act as a beacon of light for the magickal creatures that exist in the shadows of the mundane world. 

These lanterns will light our way in times of darkness and remind us to call upon the ancient magick that is here to support us if we only ask.

flower lantern magick

with Jennifer

Mantra and Mudra.jpg

Mantra is an ancient sacred sound practice that can profoundly impact our lives. Through the vibrational power of mantras, we can clear energetic blockages and open ourselves to experience deeper states of awareness, inner peace, and authentic delight. Mantra helps quiet the mind, bringing our attention into the present moment where we can tune into the wisdom of our souls.


with Joanna


Soon thereafter I expanded into New and Full Moon events and then introduced my own work with the Celtic Wheel of the Year to the community. This series is an extension of this work and each part will allow us to dig deeper and connect more with the Goddess and the Celtic Wheel of the Year."

walk the spiral path of the goddess!

This series will begin at the Cottage located behind Unity Church Nashville. Unity has long been a spiritual center in our community and  they have opened their space, including their sacred labyrinth to the Gaia Sisterhood tribe. 


June 9, 2024

1:00pm to 5:30pm


Unity Church Nashville Cottage

(Behind the Church)

5125 Franklin Pike, Nashville, TN 37220


$133.00 for this Spiral Path even

Half-Day Event, Snacks, Supplies

Please bring a cushion, blanket, journal, writing tool.  We will be outside for a portion of our event. Please plan accordingly.

Save the Dates:  September 22, December 1

Scroll down to register and to see images from the Spiral Path of the Goddess Ostara Circle!

"All that I have studied and practiced on my own and in the 100s of Circles I have created is coming into focus. My deeply rooted practice in the Celtic Wheel of the year along with my Goddess and Druid studies is coming together to form a sacred offering for those called to honor Nature and the Divine Feminine more deeply. I hope you will join me."


the  spiral path of the goddess will be lead by Priestess jennifer harvard with special guest Joanna Barbera

Priestess Guide: Jennifer Harvard

Jennifer Cross Legged.JPG

Jennifer Harvard is the visionary behind Gaia Sisterhood which was founded in 2016. Jennifer has spent a lifetime educating herself on the principles of natural health and healing. Founder of Gaia Sisterhood, The Wise Women Full Moon Retreat, and The Goddess Craft Market, she has cast a wide net of openness and inclusivity, welcoming as many women as possible into her Divine Feminine work.  Jennifer is trained in the following modalities including:

  • Licensed Massage Therapist specializing in Ayurvedic Massage

  • Certified Conscious Breathwork Coach

  • Aromatherapist

  • Reiki Healer

  • Priestess of the Sacred Grove

  • Ayurvedic Student Practitioner

  • Shamanic Journey Practitioner

"It is with great humility and honor that I devote my energy to creating a safe space for women to come together and heal themselves, each other and the world."

Special Guest: Joanna Barbera

Joanna Barbera is a songstress, yogi, and mindful living mentor with 23 years of experience blending music with Eastern practices to guide individuals toward growth, transformation and inner liberation. Combining her love of spirituality and music, she created Music City Mindfulness to offer a sacred container for conscious community and guidance.


 As a guest facilitator for the "Walking the Spiral Path of the Goddess" series, Joanna will lead the group through sacred sound practices of mantra accompanied by live music and songs of the soul that inspire deep inner liberation and growth. Through mantra, she will guide us to clear and open our vessels so that we can tune into the full experience of true pleasure and authentic delight. Her music is inspired by self-reflection, navigating the shadow, and deep-diving for seeds of hope through words and melodies.

Experience her unique approach as she integrates ancient wisdom with musical artistry, providing a bridge for modern seekers to access their inner freedom and live from a place of profound Truth.


Learn more about Joanna at

Joanna Barbera_edited.jpg

During this event we will silence the mental chatter as mantra creates the still pond in which we can reflect on our true nature - rediscovering our innate power, clarity and joy. The reverberations of these potent sound formulas also harmonize our subtle energy bodies, releasing trapped emotions and past traumas. Practiced with focused intention, mantra acts as a bridge connecting us to our most liberated, radiant selves. It is an alchemical tool for profound inner transformation.


Woven together with breathwork, meditation, and music, mantra becomes a portal into the vastness of our being, where we can remember our intrinsic wholeness. Through this practice, we reclaim our sovereignty and walk the path of embodied awakening.

Upcoming Special Guests Include:

 Kim Collins of Own Your Ohm Health

Dasha Bond of Penelope Ponders

Gaia Sisterhood Cancellation Policy:  ​  


Life happens and occasionally attendees find themselves needing to cancel. While I will make every attempt to fill your space, my retreats have moving parts that require advance investment from me such as the purchase of food or deposits on space. Due to these things I have adopted the following policy for clarity on cancellations.   ​  All events are fully refundable up to 30 days in advance. Any cancellations under 30 days prior to the event are eligible for a credit toward another Gaia Sisterhood event.  Cancellations within 7 days prior to any event forfeit all payments.

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