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An Extraordinary

in an online members only community to bring magick
into your daily life.

Everyday is a chance to change
one’s seemingly mundane existence into something extraordinary.

Do you: 

Feel stuck and need inspiration?

Long to bring magick into your life?

Want to be more creative but aren’t sure where to begin?

Want a monthly nature based Spiritual practice?

Need positive change in your life?

Need a monthly guide to honor the seasons more effectively?

Desire a community but struggle to meet in person?

Live out of town but want to be a part of Gaia Sisterhood?

if yes, then everyday magick is for you!

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I  created this course for every woman who, like me, is ready to reclaim the wonder and magick in each and every day. 

 Everyday Magick,
is the guide to creating the Magickal life you dream of.

When I was a child, like most children, I had a vivid Imagination. I spent my days playing in the woods near my home. It was there that I talked to Faeries, decorated mud-pies with shells from beach trips, and collected tiny stones thinking they were Gnome currency. I dreamed of an Enchanted Castle where Unicorns existed and I could hop on a broomstick and soar over castle walls to witness the breathtaking countryside beyond the kingdom of my imagination. Each day I daydreamed, I created, and I spent time  in Nature.


Everyday WAS Magickal.

Enter Adolescence… As my body started to change, friends and boys replaced broomsticks and unicorns. By high school boys replaced just about everything. To say I lost myself is an understatement. 

The years rolled by and the teen grew into an adult leaving all childhood things behind. 

I married, had a career, gave birth to a child and really got this “Adulting” down. Don’t get me wrong. I would catch a glimpse of the old magick here and there like, at a music festival dancing my socks off or while gazing out at the ocean on vacation, but these moments weren’t daily, weekly, or even monthly.

In 1999 I had my 2nd child. After a lot of research I sent her to a Waldorf School.

It was there, in early childhood class that both my daughter and myself discovered (and rediscovered) the joy and magick within the rhythms of each day. I crafted boats for faeries out of Walnut shells  and made Gnome huts out of twigs and grass. We honored the seasons with festivals and celebrations.

I didn’t realize it at first but I had reawakened the child within. Over 20 years have passed and that child is not only alive and well but she is thriving. Everyday is a chance to change one’s seemingly mundane existence into something extraordinary.

I hope you’ll join me on this journey.

everyday magick is my online members only wheel of the year community offering the best of both worlds. A guided individual magick practice aligned with ancient traditions on your time and your terms with community support from the comfort of your home.

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become a member of gaia sisterhood's online wheel of the year community

Membership to Everyday Magick includes

8 Modules aligned to the Wheel of the Year

These modules contain:

- Guided Meditations

- Journal Prompts

- Seasonal Crafts w/ Supply list

- Private chat room 

- Monthly tips (homework) 

- Unlimited Access to content

- Explanation of the 8 Sabbats 

- Altar set up for each Sabbat w/ supply list

- Live Zoom Meditation and check in during the 4 “off months”

Join YEARLY and receive:

Yearly membership includes everything listed above plus:

- loose incense

-ritual candle 


- 4 live group Zoom check ins

One-year membership:  $333

By joining for the YEAR, you are receiving a discounted rate. Memberships open on March 1, 2023 beginning with the Spring Equinox.


Not sure if a full year membership is for you? I will also make a monthly membership option available for those who prefer to take each turn of the wheel one at a time. 

The Gaia Sisterhood Everyday Magick introductory membership begins with the Spring Equinox. 

OSTARA magick

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Join me for my Everyday Magick with a celebration of Ostara. Bring the energy of Ostara into your home, your life, your everyday practice. This module includes:

  • Altar Set up

  • Explanation of Ostara 

  • Guided Meditation for Ostara

  • Spring Tea Recipe

  • Journal Prompts

  • Month Inspiration

  • Beeswax Egg Candle Instructions

  • Natural Egg Dye Craft

  • Deviled Egg Recipe

  • Ostara Workbook

  • Spotify Playlist

I hope this course brings you joy, sparks creativity, connects you with the natural world, but most of all, brings a childlike wonder back to your everyday life.

Join Everyday Magick  and make the mundane magickal!