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You Are Invited to Heal

Jennifer Harvard has been on a journey of healing most of her life. Her Mother was a reflexologist and she was introduced to Nashville's healing community at a young age. She began her own journey of assisting others to heal in the 1990's when she became a licensed massage therapist. Through years of study she has acquired certificates in several additional healing modalities including Reiki, Aromatherapy, Abhyana Massage, and Shamanic Journeying which she has woven together to create Gaia's Integrative Healing sessions. In addition, Jennifer is a certified Breathwork Coach and offers 90-minute Breathwork sessions. 

All appointments are held in Jennifer’s Vintage Airstream lovingly named Athena, via Zoom or at Stillhouse Herbals (massage only.)

Breathwork sessions

Conscious Breathwork is Conscious, Connected, Circular Breathing. This Somatic Healing Modality allows you to get to the root of, process, and permanently release physical and emotional trauma that has been stored in the body. Can assist in:

Less anxiety, better sleep, increased joy, lower depression,    reduced physical pain, support sense of calm. You will breathe for one hour and then we will discuss your experience. You’ll leave with tips on how to improve your life and increase your sense of joy.

90 Minutes session:  $90

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gaia's integrative healing

Jennifer uses her 30 years of training in mind, body, spirit health to create an intuitive session catered to each client’s specific needs. 

Sessions include a combination of Shamanic Journeying, Reiki, Breathwork, Chakra Balancing, and meditation. Each session will end with a check in and some assignments for the client to continue at home. An Aromatherapy blend is made on site unique to each client (optional).



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Abhyanga Massage is derived from the Ayurvedic Tradition. It consists of applying warm oil over the entire body. Oils are blended on site according to the clients Dosha or constitution. The massage strokes along with the oils used, nourish the tissues, open the energy channels called Nadis and allow Prana(life force energy) to flow more freely. Abhyanga massage also indirectly stimulates the Marma (energy points) that are stimulated directly as in Shiatsu or Acupuncture

  60 mINUTE SESSION:  $100

Add 20 minute Swedana

(Steam Therapy) $135

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Meet Athena

All appointments are held in Jennifer’s restored vintage Airstream lovingly named Athena, via Zoom or at Stillhouse Herbals (massage only.) Ready to book?  Fill out the form below and Jennifer will contact you to schedule your appointment. 

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