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Gaia integrative healing

Gaia Integrative Healing

Jennifer uses her 30 years of training in mind, body, spirit health to create an intuitive session catered to each client’s specific needs. Each session will end with a check in and some assignments for the client to continue at home. An Aromatherapy blend is made on site unique to each client.  Sessions Include:

 Shamanic Journeying, Reiki, Breathwork, Chakra Balancing, and Meditation.

Scroll down for more information on the Shamanic Journeying and Aromatherapy techniques used and to book your session.

“ I am here to hold space for you to heal. Your body knows how to heal itself but sometimes needs a little support.”

Book A gaia integrative healing session

Sessions last 120 Minutes. You may choose a session with a custom aromatherapy blend or without. 


$130 with custom aromatherapy blend

$110 without blend

All appointments are held in Jennifer’s Vintage Airstream lovingly named Athena or via Zoom



Aromatherapy is a holistic healing treatment that has been used for thousands of years. This treatment uses natural plant extracts to promote health and well being. Aromatherapy uses essential oils medicinally to improve the health of the body, mind, and spirit. It enhances both physical and emotional health.  Aromatherapy works though the sense is of smell and skin absorption using products such as:

Diffusers, Hydrosols, Inhalers, Bath salts, Body oils, Lotions or creams,

Steamers for facials and inhalation, Hot or cold compresses, Clay masks

Each essential oil has an array of unique heating properties, uses and effects.

Combining essential oils to create a synergistic blend creates even more benefits.


* Jennifer will create an intuitive blend at the end of each Session using the information she gained during the session. Each blend is unique to the individual based on her needs.

Shamanism and the Shamanic Journey:  Shamanism is the 1st spiritual practice known to humankind. It dates back 10’s of thousands of years and  has been practiced in Siberia, Asia, Europe, Australia, Africa, as well as Native North and South America. A Shaman is a man or woman who heals the spiritual aspect of illness, preforms soul retrieval’s, and divines information for the community.  Shamanic Journeying can be practiced by anyone to answer questions, to help others in the community, or to work on world and global issues.

What is a Shamanism Journey?  This is the most common method that the Shaman uses as direct revelation. The Journeyer uses the monotonous rhythm of the drum or rattle to reach a trance-like state. This trance is a deep state of relaxation similar to daydreaming or listening to waves on the beach. While in this state, the Journeyer is able to focus on the spiritual dimension. The rhythm of the drum at 180-240 BPM forms the gateway to Shamanic Reality. This Spiritual Dimension is sometimes called Non-Ordinary Reality. On the journey, the Journeyer can access personal guidance and healing, to help others on the planet, and to reconnect with nature and its cycles and rhythms.

Shamanic Journey


During the Shamanic Journey a person visits one of 3 spiritual worlds classified as the Upper world, the Underworld, and the Middle World. Each world has its own unique atmosphere and vibration. The UnderWorld is underground so the Journeyer must descend deep into the earth. One of the central aspects of the underworld is that it has a deep relationship with power and transformation The spirit helpers in the underworld are often in the shape of animals also known as “Power Animals.”

The middleworld is our Earthly World but it includes other spiritual dimensions. The veil between us and Nature Beings is lifted. We can also travel to the past or the future here on Earth, or to a different part of the world.

The Upper World is located high above the earth. This journey will consist of traveling higher and higher sometimes accompanied by an animal guide or lifted by a spirit helper.


As a Priestess guide, I will thoughtfully choose the world that intuitively feels correct for you and hold space for you to Journey.  If healing and transformation feel In order, I will lead you on a guided visualization to the Underworld.  If I feel you can benefit from the wisdom of the natural world around you, I will guide you to the middle world where you can gather information from a plant spirit, or crystal ally.   I may lead you in a journey to the upper world to meet your spirit helper, to gain a higher perspective on a situation, or to discover new and undiscovered parts of your being.   During Your journey, I will begin with a guided visualization followed  by Shamanic Drumming.


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