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Healing Through Breathwork

Conscious Breathwork is Conscious, Connected, Circular Breathing. This Somatic Healing Modality allows you to get to the root of, process, and permanently release physical and emotional trauma that has been stored in the body. It is a holistic practice that works on the body, mind, AND spirit. Your body wants to heal and be in perfect balance. I’m here to hold space for your process. 

What to expect:

Less anxiety 

Better sleep

Increased joy

Less depressed 

Less physical pain

A deep connection to all that is a sense of calm

And, so much more

*Sessions last 2 to 2 and a half hours. The 1st half hour to an hour, we talk about YOU. You will breathe for one hour and then we will discuss your experience. You’ll leave with tips on how to improve your life and increase your sense of joy.

*Due to COVID-19 all sessions are held via Zoom

Lungs with Flowers.jpg

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