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Founder Jennifer Harvard of Gaia Sisterhood

and Kim Collins of Own Your Ohm Health 


The 4th Wise Women Retreat

Sisters, are you ready for deep healing and transformational work? Do you hear the call of Cerridwen, Hecate, Kali, and Persephone? In order to bring light into the world, we all must journey into the shadow. The darkness is not bad or evil. Quite the contrary. It is a time to go within and to tend to the parts of ourselves that need healing. In the Celtic Wheel of the Year, summer has turned to fall. The days grow shorter and the nights grow longer. As the leaves begin to turn and fall off the trees, the journey into the darkness begins.

Join us under the Full Moon surrounded by rolling forests, starry nights and sacred water.  By creating a safe container of love and mutual respect women will come together for healing, learning and growing. Ancient matriarchal societies, "Wise Women", passed down their knowledge and skills to their sisters and daughters. For 4 days in October these "Wise Women" will do the same. 

Journey of the Dark Goddess
  October 21-24 2021

MEET the priestesses

Jennifer Harvard, left, is Founder of the Wise Women Full Moon Retreats and Owner of Gaia Sisterhood. Kim Collins, right, is the Owner of Ohm Your Own Health. Jennifer and Kim have partnered together in many endeavors to empower and assist women in healing themselves and the collective through sacred traditions. They are thrilled to welcome you to the Wise Women Retreat.

Full Moon Retreat Workshops & Offerings 

This Retreat is a deep dive into self exploration and workshops that encourage profound change.

We will use the power of Myth along with Stories of the Underworld, Ritual, and Ceremony to honor the  Shadow.  This year's retreat will include:

  • opening ceremony

  • shamanic journeying

  • mask making

  • Morning Yoga

  • Herbal Tincture making

  • goddess gathering at the waterfall

  • Water Blessing

  • herbal mud masks

  • flower crowns

  • annointing ceremony

  • invoking the sensual movement

  • Hemp talk and tea ceremony

  • journey to the underworld

  • closing ceremony

Wise Women Retreat photo edit out kayray

meet the facilitators

Our skilled facilitators will be with you during this sacred retreat. Nourish body, mind and spirit with Shamanic Journeying and a Hemp Tea Ceremony. Connect and create through Mask Making and the art of crafting your own Tinctures. Move your body with Sacred Breathwork and  Communal Dance. And, go within during daily meditation. Visit our Wise Women Page for more information on our facilitators.

Invoking the sensual
and Morning Yoga

With Gabrielle Saliba

Invoking the Sensual is a dance practice designed to return to one's self and to an authentic experience of carnal communion. Be it out sexuality or joy, far too often what we experience in our interior world is beckoned to go beyond us and be performed for others rather than be enjoyed, digested, and assimilated into ourselves. Together we will shimmy, shake, and writhe our way into our bodies to revel in our own delight as we dance to free our inner light, & as we dance for our own pleasure.

Tincture Making for the Winter
Into the deep herbal tincture workshop and hypnosis meditation

With Kim Collins

The shadow represents darker aspects from deep within. Our subconscious holds the key to heal traumas, self doubts, fears, etc. When we dig deep, open the subconscious and allow our dreams to be realized we can then unlock these aspects and from the shadows we can experience the light.

Utilizing plant medicine through our plant allies and meditation hypnosis techniques we can compliment and go deeper with these complimentary modalities to heal mind, body and spirit which allows us to flourish as human beings.

In this herbal medicine workshop we will create a deepening, relaxation dream tincture to go deeper into the shadow work that exists in our subconscious,  our dreams, our suppressed feelings and our false beliefs. We will also partake in visualizations through hypnosis guided meditations to help unlock the doors to our subconscious mind, so that healing may begin.

Tincture Making 3.jpg
Mask Making.jpeg
Mask Making-
Honoring the Shadow 
 With Jennifer Harvard

Mask Making is often used as an Art Therapy tool for self awareness and empowerment.

Part 1: Will consist of partnering up to make Paper Maché Masks of our own faces.

Part 2: This is where the awareness comes in. How does the world see us? What do we want the world to see? Attendees will use mixed media supplies to decorate the outside of their masks accordingly. The inside of their masks will represent their inner world. How do we see ourselves? What parts of ourselves are we hiding out of fear, guilt, shame, or remorse? Maybe we are hiding our wondered child or our inner warrior. Looking at ourselves in this way brings awareness. We shine the light on our darkest places in order to heal.Our completed masks are art pieces to take home as a reminder of who we are, how far we have come, and of our truest selves.

Mask Masking Final.jpg
Tincture Making for the Winte Months 2.j
the feminine Healing
Power of Hemp

With Fairlight Hubbard

 I will be sharing my knowledge of hemp and we will discuss how the medicine comes from the female flowers and how we can be empowered to realize our own healing powers as women as well. We will share recipes for healing tinctures and salves and we will share tea from the hemp plant and have an opportunity to create our own blend that we can take with us to honor our time together.

Shamanic Journeying Image.jpg

Shamanic Journeying is the inner art of traveling to the invisible realms beyond ordinary reality as a way to retrieve information used for spiritual growth and healing. Jennifer Harvard, Priestess of the Sacred Grove and  High Priestess Kim Collins, will facilitate a journey to the underworld where attendees will gather information from the lower realms to aid in welcoming, owning, and healing their Shadow Selves.

(Image, Rites of Passage, courtesy of Susan Seddon Boulet)

Our time together includes a Goddess Gathering at the Waterfall where each participant will receive a water blessing  from Jennifer and Kim within the sacred circle of sisters. 
The eternal power of the Universe has gathered itself to create the world with true and grand harmony.

We pray for healing blessings on the waters
We pray for healing blessings on the sea
We pray for healing blessings on the rivers
That they may shine in crystal purity
register for this sacred wise woman retreat:
Last minute saving! Cost:$520

-4 day/3 night lodging at Gray Bear Lodge
(Upgraded Private Lodging Available)
-Meals (Vegan/Mostly Gluten Free) from Thursday Evening through Sunday Morning
-All Workshops and Ceremonies

***Upgraded Lodging Information:  Gray Bear prides itself on complete relaxation and unwinding with amazing cabins available for the ultimate retreat experience. Upgrade to private cabins such as the Buddha Bungalow, the Stawbale Palace or the Lotus Loft.The offer amenities such as a  bay windows, queen sized beds, private baths, and amazing views. These can be upgraded as singles or as a shared cabin with one or two friends for a beautiful  experience. Please email Jennifer about upgrade prices and options. In addition, Watsu and Massage sessions may be booked after arrival at the retreat for an additional fee payable to Gray Bear Lodge.
Gray Bear Lodge

Nestled in the rolling forest of the beautiful West Tennessee hills, Gray Bear Holistic Retreat Center is a pause along your path, fulfilling the ideal environment for health, relaxation, and yoga. Our richly warm, rustic retreat reveals the empirical healing of nature. Pure air commands the awareness of breath. Pure water reflects the image of serenity. Stone hearths with roaring fires, and long twilight walks will complete the richness found in the blending of nature and yoga. For more information on Gray Bear Lodge, visit their website at:

Grey Bear Lodge.jpg

Enjoy all of the beautiful that Gray Bear has to offer surrounded by Mother Nature in all her glory!

  • local organic meals

  • wood fire sauna

  • salt water hot tubs

  • Massage & Watsu

  • walks in nature

  • naps in the porch hammock

  • starry nights

***Watsu and Massage are booked after arrival for an additional fee. See examples of Gray Bear's Private Cabins in the slideshow above. Email Jennifer to upgrade your lodging.

Ancient matriarchal societies, "Wise Women", passed down their knowledge and skills to

their sisters and daughters. Join us under the light of the full moon as we dive deep into

these traditions and embrace the Journey of the Dark Goddess.

Herbal Wisdom

"The facilitators were amazing, the workshops were all perfect and fascinating, the food was tasty, the attendees were incredible... It was perfect!"


In light of current significant increases in Covid-19 around our nation and in Tennessee,

we are taking additional precautions in regards to Covid at the Wise Women Retreat.

 We are asking that all retreat participants adhere to the following:

  • All participants are asked to provide a negative covid test within 5 days of the retreat.

  • Participants must agree to wear a mask for 7 days in public spaces prior to the retreat.

  • Please avoid crowds and unnecessary social settings for 7 days prior to the retreat. 

Covid Protocol
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