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of this year's Full Moon Retreat
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We are excited (and honored) to introduce you to our team of incredible Wise Women!

​Scroll down to read about these modern day Wise Women who are bringing their voices, their stories and their wisdom to the world today. We hope you will join us for this incredible retreat and begin your own Priestess path.

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Jennifer Harvard

Founder of Wise Women Full Moon Retreat

Jennifer Harvard, founder of The Wise Women Full Moon Retreat and The Goddess Craft Market launched Gaia Sisterhood in 2017 as a way for women to gather in a safe and nurturing environment where they could create, explore, and heal. 

Jennifer is Divine Feminine Circle & Retreat Facilitator, Licensed Massage Therapist, Reiki Healer, Aromatherapist, Breathwork Coach, Priestess of the Sacred Grove, and an artist. 

Much of Jennifer's work today involves using Ritual and Ceremony to create Safe space for women to gather in community and honor each turn in the Celtic Wheel Of the Year and support other women on their own path to embody the Priestess for themselves and to share with others.

" My background in Natural Health and Holistic Healing spans over 30 years. I was inspired by my mother who was a Reflexologist while growing up, which spurred me to seek alternative approaches to healing. I worked in health food stores in the 1990’s while studying Massage and Bodywork and  went on to become a massage therapist and energy healer. My true path as a seeker didn’t end with the physical. After Recovering from Alcoholism I looked for a community and a spiritual practice that met my needs. Along my journey I became a Tibetan Buddhist Practitioner, studied some Yogic Philosophy, and dabbled in Other Nature Based Religions but found my true spiritual path and home in Nature Based Spirituality or Shamanism. From these traditions I have learned that  if one of us is not liberated, none of us are truly free." 

Jennifer Harvard
Kim Collins
Kim Collins Peru (1)_edited.jpg

Kim Collins is a trained Curandera Medicine Woman, Kambo Practicioner, Board Certified Hypnotherapist, Herbalist, Health and Life Coach, Holistic Cancer Coach, Reiki Master, Energy Intuitive Healer, Plant Medicine Integration Specialist, Retreat Facilitator, Public Speaker, High Priestess + Shamanic Apprentice in the Shipibo-Conibo Lineage.

Kim has studied natural health and nutrition for over 25 years, including Ayurveda, herbalism, yoga + mysticism and the native american and Amazonian shamanic arts. She is a certified Hypnotherapist, Reiki Master, herbalist, Kambo facilitator, an ordained High Priestess, is a current and ongoing student in shamanism and specializes in the use of herbs, vitamins, lifestyle, natural substances and techniques for supporting good health. Her small batch herbal Apothecary has gained fans across the U.S., as she focuses her various products on ancient herbalism and techniques, fusing in her energy vibration into every batch. Kim focuses on the mind-body connection, where one’s emotional and mental state is just as important as physical health. She is a retreat facilitator and offers a wide variety of options at her Retreat Center, Ajna Wellness Retreat, for ritual and ceremony and other community events.

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Robbie michelle short
Moonbeam Yoga, Meditation, and Retreats

Robbie Michelle Short from Moonbeam Yoga has been on a spiritual path most of her life after not being able to conform to her families religious ways. Becoming a seeker, she traveled the world as a flight attendant chasing adventure and answers. She embraced the yogic path immediately following 9/11 and yoga became her passion & saving grace. She’s been teaching yoga, mindfulness, and meditation over 20 years now and owned Half Moon Yoga Healing in Franklin for almost 13 years. Robbie teaches classes, workshops, and leads both local and destination retreats. She has 4 Moonbeam Meditations albums out and is also a Reiki Master and Sound Bath Facilitator. 

Robbie Michelle Short
Kristin Clark

kristin clark

visit her website

In my dreams, I hear songs…

and I bring them back to the best of my ability.  In dreams I have traveled through time and through the veils, up the waterfalls and down to the river of mist.  These stories from the dreamtime come to me as songs. Many also come from waking visions and journeys.

Allowing myself to create in this way, at this late hour, feels as though I have discovered a secret room in my mansion. In this room there is story and poetry and music. There is multi-dimensional travel.

There are wise guides and faeries, dragons and mystical journeys. There is dreaming and remembering. There is love and myth and healing and everything that thrills and delights me. 

To share this now after denying it for so long feels like a wild freedom. We are all dream travelers with hidden rooms to discover. We all have these longings in our hearts. I believe that any longing in our hearts is holy. And I have come to understand that to answer and offer them is an act of love.

Leslie Garbix.jpg
leslie garbis

Singing is Healing

Leslie Garbis believes that everyone can sing, and that it is part of our birthright, as joyful creators.  She is an intuitive voice practitioner who enjoys working with her clients to connect to their more authentic voices, finding their most true, most free, and most powerful sounds.  She believes that whether you consider yourself to be a singer or not, inviting some awareness to the relationship you have with your voice, and gently bringing to light any limiting beliefs or judgments you have around your voice, starts a process of healing.   Leslie helps lead her clients into expansion with their voices, their bodies, their Spirit, and their mindsets.  

Leslie Garbis

Leslie's two degrees in vocal performance, along with many years of performance experience, gives her many technical tools to blend with her very holistic and intuitive style of teaching.  Currently in addition to working one on one with her clients, she also leads and co-facilitates sacred circle, workshops, and retreats for women.  She writes chants for healing and self-reflection to be sung in community and to be used in her Singing is Healing business.  Her band Enchant Yourself will be putting out an EP entitled “Healing Waters” in early 2023. 

Maria Brannon_edited.jpg


Maria Brannon, founder of Iridescent Knowing, helps stressed out humans relax and reconnect to their most authentic self, to their inner knowing, through the facilitation of sacred sounds, activation of the voice, energy work, stone medicine, dream exploration and more. She loves the chance to work 1:1 with those who feel called to go deep into the re-membering of who they are truly here to be and finds great joy in facilitating soundbath journeys for groups of all sizes.

Find more info at and connect with Maria on IG @iridescentknowing

Maria Brannon
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