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Awakening the Priestess Archetype:

Shining your Light in the World

October 17 - 20, 2024
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Calling all Wild Women
2023 Retreat


Are you tired of being too much?

  Not enough?

Are you done playing the victim?

Or being victimized?

What about fitting into a neat little box?

Or being a people pleaser?

Are you afraid to go after what you want?

Do you know what you want?


 Stop and Listen.

Can you hear the call of the wild?

It is time to take back who you are  and fully embody the Wild Woman Archetype. You are the Goddess of the hunt, the wolf woman or La Loba as she’s called. You are wholly connected to the cycles and rhythms of the great mother herself. Her wild energy courses through your veins. Your instincts are strong. It is time to own the creative, passionate, powerful woman that you are without guilt or regret. It is time for

Woman with Antlers with Bird.png


Meet the Keepers of the

Divine Feminine

Jennifer Harvard is Founder of the Wise Women Full Moon Retreats and Owner of Gaia Sisterhood. She brings together a cohort of magical women, experts in their craft, to sacred circles in the Nashville area. The 6th Annual Wise Women Full Moon Retreat is honored to feature four additional women who will hold the space and facilitate workshops throughout the weekend. Jennifer is pleased to once again welcome Kim Collins as co-facilitator and holder of sacred space for the the retreat.

 Kim Collins, Priestess of Ceremony,  the healer and herbalist behind Own Your Ohm Health is one of these women. She will co-facilitate the opening and closing ceremonies and lead  Ignite the Wild Workshop. Kim recently embarked on a life-changing path to become a Shipibo Conibo Shaman and is thrilled to share her wisdom with participants.

Jennifer Harvard and Kim Collins Ecstatic Joy_edited.jpg

Fairlight Hubbard, owner of The Flower Key - organic handmade botanicals, brings her 20+ years of professional art skills to participants in a workshop designed to support the "Rewilding" of each woman present. 

A yoga workshop, Unleashed Yoga, designed especially for the Retreat, will be facilitated by Brooke Harvey.  Her background as a licensed counselor and longtime spiritual study, bring a calm and soothing energy to those around her.

Leslie Garbis will be joining us for the Wise Women Full Moon Retreat for the first time. Leslie Garbis believes that everyone can sing, and that it is part of our birthright, as joyful creators.  She is an intuitive voice practitioner who enjoys working with her clients to connect to their more authentic voices, finding their most true, most free, and most powerful sounds.  

Maria Brannon of Iridescent Knowing will be holding the energy during the Hag Stone Talisman session with a harmonic and healing sound bath.  

Women dancing under the full moon.jpg

If you would like to know more about this amazing group of women, their stories, and their levels of expertise, visit their bio page. 

A Weekend Immersion

 Unleashing the Wild Woman Within

Arrival and Check-in, Dinner, Orientation, Workshop

Breakfast, Opening Ceremony, Lunch, Free-time,
Workshop, Dinner, Free-time

Breakfast, Yoga, Workshop, Lunch, Gathering at the Waterfall, 
Free-time, Dinner, Cacao Ceremony

Breakfast, Workshop, Closing Ceremony, Lunch, Depart

The Wise Women Full Moon Retreat offers participants not only an experiential immersion into the energies of the Divine Feminine, but a rhythm of activities to allow for the  integration of the information and energy.

Our workshops are deep-dives followed by down time to commune with nature, take advantage of healing modalities, or get to know your sisters. Our meals are carefully crafted to meet the needs of women actively doing the work of of caring for themselves. 

You may download the full itinerary below.

Scroll down for workshop details or click "Registration" if you are ready to hold your space.

WWFMR Lodge Work_edited.jpg

The Wilding Begins with These Workshops

Hag Stone Talisman Creations

with Jennifer Harvard

Hag Stone with Jennifer Harvard.JPG

Since ancient times,Hag stones have been used for protection or to ward off evil.

In the Celtic Folk traditions of my ancestors they were used as a portal, assisting one in opening the doorway to the land of Fae or other Spiritual Realms.

The Hag Stone has a naturally occurring hole that goes all the way through. To have one is very good luck. In this two part workshop, we will connect with the Spirit of the Stone, for the Stone itself is an Earth Spirt.


Once the connection is felt, we will string our prayers of protection, bead by bead and attach the Hag Stone to create a beautiful, magical Talisman. It can be worn around the neck to aid in seeing Faeries or hung above a doorway or any place in the house that needs protection.

Unleashed Yoga

with Brooke Harvey

Join Brooke Harvey for an unconventional yoga flow that will not follow any rules of what yoga should look or feel like. This is unlike any yoga class you have ever done!


We will explore fluid movement that feels good in our bodies and unleashes our feminine, sensual, wild woman within. Think fluid gentle dance meets yoga. This flow will be accessible to all ability levels and no knowledge of yoga is required, because we won’t follow the rules anyways! 

Ignite the Wild

A  Mini Shamanic Master Plant Dieta with Cacao Ceremony

(For a more detailed description of this workshop visit Kim's bio on the Wise Women page)

with Kim Collins

During this adapted version of the Master Plant Dieta of the Peruvian Shaman tradition, each woman will choose their “spirit” plant for the entirety of the retreat and work with it over the course of our 3 days together with her guidance which includes plant bath, consuming the chosen plant and more.

Traditionally, a longer period of time and other restrictions are required than what we will be able to accomplish in a 3 day retreat to fully integrate the gifts of each plant. But any Dieta done well, and no matter how short, can undoubtedly bring us further along the journey of transformation, and bring more freedom, health... igniting well being and happiness into our lives.

Kim will also be leading us in a sacred cacao ceremony ( also a master plant!) with sound bath as well as co-facilitating the opening and closing ceremonies of the retreat.

Master Dieta with Kim Collins.jpeg

The Call and the Dance of the Holy Wild

with Leslie Garbis

We have been robbed of social permissions to descend into our depths, leave outmoded relationships, pursue passions that are not financially lucrative, or do anything remotely unpredictable; thus, even when the soul is screaming at us from below to honor our unique nature, we will pretend not to hear our truest voice for fear of being abandoned by those we love, losing our jobs, or disrupting the even-keeled rhythm of our world. When we deny our
cyclical nature, we deny our connection to the earth, and we deny our connection to the Holy Wild. The wild woman can endure only so much illusion before her soul’s howled demands for
truth grow too loud to be ignored.

Through voice activation amd embodied movement, along with physical tools to assist us, we will integrate the Holy Wild into the fabric of our being.

Untitled design (8).png

Natural Avatars: Rewilding the Modern Woman

with Fairlight Hubbard

Using natural materials like dirt, clay and plants as primal artistic mediums, we will decorate our skin with intuitive gestures and ancients symbols while we connect deeply to our inner ancestral lineage. Rediscovering our instinctive creativity, we will reimagine ourselves as wild and beautiful avatars embodying the primal power of truest identity. This process, allows us to explore the connection between our physical bodies and the natural world, and how this connection can help us reclaim our wildness and sense of self.


Who might me become when we lose the form and figure of ourselves to the abstract lines and colors of nature? We will witness and empower one another as we find out… and I will document the process through photography and portraits to remind us as we move back into our day to day lives after our sacred time together.

Whether you've never painted before, or you're an experienced artist, this process will provide a safe and supportive environment for exploring your intuition, your creativity, and support a more primal way of expressing yourself.

Dig Deep and Find Your Wild Woman!
Register Today for the
2023 Wise Women Full Moon Retreat
We have added additional spaces for the Retreat!

Group Lodging: 
$1,120 total. 

email Jennifer about an upgraded space!

-4 day/3 night lodging at Gray Bear Lodge
(Upgraded Private Lodging Available for an additional fee)
-Meals (Vegan/Mostly Gluten Free) from Thursday Evening through Sunday Morning
-All Workshops and Ceremonies

***Upgraded Lodging Information:  Gray Bear prides itself on complete relaxation and unwinding with amazing cabins available for the ultimate retreat experience. Upgrade to private cabins such as the Buddha Bungalow, the Strawbale Palace or the Lotus Loft. The offer amenities such as a  bay windows, queen sized beds, private baths, and amazing views. These can be upgraded as singles or as a shared cabin with one or two friends for a beautiful  experience.

In addition, Watsu and Massage sessions may be booked after arrival at the retreat for an additional fee payable to Gray Bear Lodge.

Scroll down for information on Gray Bear Lodge or  click the Registration button below to reserve your space.

For the last 8 years women from all walks of life, of all ages, have come together to celebrate the Wise Woman within
at our Full Moon Retreats. The Goddess calls each of us. Are you your ready to Unleash the Wild and answer your own call?

Step Into the Wild
from the Sanctuary of Gray Bear Lodge

Nestled in the rolling forest of the beautiful West Tennessee hills, Gray Bear Holistic Retreat Center is a pause along your path, fulfilling the ideal environment for health, relaxation, and yoga. Our richly warm, rustic retreat reveals the empirical healing of nature. Pure air commands the awareness of breath. Pure water reflects the image of serenity. Stone hearths with roaring fires, and long twilight walks will complete the richness found in the blending of nature and yoga. For more information on Gray Bear Lodge, visit their website at:

Grey Bear Lodge.jpg

Enjoy all of the beauty Gray Bear has to offer

surrounded by  Mother Nature  in all her glory!

  • local organic meals

  • wood fire sauna

  • salt water hot tubs

  • Massage & Watsu

  • walks in nature

  • naps in the porch hammock

  • starry nights

  • Group or Individual Loding

***Watsu and Massage are booked after arrival for an additional fee. See examples of Gray Bear's Private Cabins in the slideshow above. Email Jennifer to upgrade your lodging.

Gaia Sisterhood Payment and Cancellation Policy:


Life happens and occasionally attendees find themselves needing to cancel. My retreats have moving parts that require advance investment from me such as the purchase of food or deposits on space. Due to these things I have adopted the following policy for clarity on payments and cancellations for the Wise Women Full Moon Retreat:  


All Deposits are non-refundable and non-transferable.

Additional payments are due no later than 30 days prior to the Retreat.

Cancellations are accepted up to 30 days prior to the Retreat. 

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