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On day one, you will arrive in Oaxaca City travel to our lodging, Casa Las Bugambilias.  We will settle into our space, get to know one another and begin the deep work which brought us together in this sacred place. From there we will journey to the under world of the ancient Mitla, travel to the mountains and swim in the stunning  petrified falls of Hierve agua.  Each of us will dance, breathe, dream and wander the cobblestone streets filled with art and life . We be nurtured by an intimate Temazcal and indigenous massage. We will travel to the sacred Monte Alban , the  upper worlds receiving our power animal and spirit guides for the year and honor the return of the sun followed by a dream weaver's excursion to Teotitlan de valle to witness the rich of life . The ancient grandmother Tule tree will offer us ancient wisdom as we meditate under its branches.


While in Mexico we welcome the Spring Equinox and wake up to our Divinity  through Ceremony and  spring Ritual - Emerging out of the dark into the light. Though these experiences we weave new dreams and create a tapestry of emergence.


Adam Caar


Discover the pyramids of Oaxaca in Monte Alban, located on a vast mountaintop expanse with spectacular 360-degree views of Oaxaca Valley. Designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the pre-Columbian archaeological site is one of Mesoamerica’s earliest cities, founded around 500 B.C., and is considered the most magnificent of the region’s ancient ruins. On this day long adventure we will be exploring the sacred sites and engaging in powerful healing rituals. Much like the pyramids of Teotihuacan, Monte Alban holds a similar vibrational energy of transformation.

monte alban

Mitla 2023.jpg

Adam Caar


Mitla is the second most important archeological site in the state of Oaxaca in Mexico. While Monte Albán was most important as the political center, Mitla was the main religious center.  The name Mitla is derived from the Nahuatl name Mictlán, which was the place of the dead or underworld. At this holy site we will travel into the underworld and surrender all that no longer serves our path, allowing the sacred mother within the earth to receive our heavy energy as compost. We will plant new seeds in our hearts, recognizing the underworld as the womb of origin and rebirth, out of which we will cultivate the growth and resurrection of our hearts and dreams into new life.


Hierve El Agua Petrified Waterfalls

Mother Nature’s wonders will bring us into healing mineral waters at the petrified waterfalls at “Hierve el Agua,” the water boils.” We will soak in the warm thermal tubs near the natural springs that form huge calcium carbonate rock formations shaped like cascades. 2500 years ago, the ancient inhabitants of the area created elaborate irrigation canals, unique for their time in Mesoamerica.

Petrified waters.JPG
Teotitlan del Valle.jpg

teotitlan del valle

Walk the streets of Teotitlan and step into the creative energy of an ancient weaver’s village. Teotitlan del Valle is known for its textiles, especially rugs, which are woven on hand looms, from wool obtained from local sheep and dyed mainly with local natural dyes. The name Teotitlán comes from Nahuatl and means "land of the gods.” The orginal Zapotec name of the village was Xaquija, which means “celestial constellation.” It was believed that a god came from the heavens in the form of a bird, accompanied by a constellation of stars to found the temple here. In this colorful village, be inspired by traditional artists of life and great dream weavers.

Tule Tree.webp

the tule tree

Sit and drink in the Mother’s Wisdom from one of the largest trees in the world, the Tule Tree. Dream into the heart of this Arbol del Tule, Mexico's most famous tree, and some say the world's largest single biomass. The Tule tree and its environs comprise a unique natural monument and must see experience where we will share ancient mystery teachings around the Tree of Life.

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We will open our hearts, minds and spirits to honor and celebrate the traditions of Oaxaca and her people. Our beautiful home at Casa de las Bugambilias and the incredible sacred-for-centuries sites we visit will provide remarkable settings for us to awaken and express our previous dreams and creative visions. Not only will Casa de las Bugambilias be our home away from home, it is where we will take part in the Temazcal bath, massage, and meditation to enable us to go deeper into our own Dream Weaver's Journey.

Temzacal Sweat.jpg

Temazcal Bath and Massage

The Temazcal bath purifies your mind, body, and spirit in an extraordinary garden setting. Ancient ceremonies combine a cleansing sweat bath with herbs and flowers. Music and a soothing massage will renew and energize you.


An adobe building set in an enchantingly beautiful garden holds the Temazcal bath chamber and an area for massage, meditation and rest afterwards. The special bath chamber is centrally heated by rocks and holds a process to create a richly scented steam to allow the sweating process necessary to relax and purify the body and to release toxins. The bath is attended by the Temazcalera. During the ceremony she may gently beat the bather’s body with the herbs and brush the steam around the head, encouraging deeper breathing and relaxation. A warm water bath may be given in the chamber, both to quickly cool the body or to encourage greater sweating. This is followed by a rest until all sweating has ceased and the body has dried on its own. During the relaxation period an indigenous massage is offered. 

Relive the traditional indigenous culture in an extraordinary manner. Experience our special combination of massage techniques, aroma therapy, celestial music and spiritual sensitivity. You will leave feeling relaxed and energized.

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