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Dear Sisters,

Stephanie and I have have once again joined our Mexican and Celtic heritages for this once in a lifetime journey to England. With this international retreat, our third in partnership, we are thrilled to work with Vera Lopez, an expert in international spiritual tours. Vera's Spirits of the Earth was born out of her own desire to tour the sacred sites of the world. She is a highly respected Priestess and we cannot wait to share her wisdom with you. We hope you will join us! 

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Stephanie Urbina Jones

Co-Founder of Freedom Folk and Soul

Singer, teacher, writer, sister, friend, mother, wife, and lover of life; Stephanie Urbina Jones brings her passion and experience in living a life of creative freedom to people all over the world. Jones has a passion for transformation and is a living example of not only dreaming but bringing those dreams to life.

Whether she is writing a song, producing a festival, performing, or leading journeys of transformation as co-founder of Freedom Folk and Soul, a Transformational Community of the Healing Arts, Stephanie is truly following her heart and chiseling out her soul. She sees herself as a kind of midwife, guiding folks on their journey of self-discovery, healing, and transformation, empowering those who seek to live a life of passion,purpose, and personal freedom.

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Stephanie has spent over 25 years in pursuit of her personal freedom. She has studied, prayed, walked, talked, worked, and turned over stones in the road and in her heart to heal and create a life of humility, passion, and purpose. Having personally experienced the journey of continuous transformation, she is called to give back what she has been given and share her experience, strength, and hope with other souls on the path of wellness and higher consciousness.

A true “walker between the worlds,” SUJ shares inspiration in music from her album “Shaman Heart,” a transformational journey in song with audiences and fellow journeyers everywhere.

SUJ is a # 1 Billboard Country Music Songwriter traveling with her Honky Tonk Mariachis, sharing joy and her history-making “Country Music with Chili Peppers” all over the world.

Find Stephanie online at:

Freedom Folk and Soul:

Stephanie Urbina Jones:

vera lopez

Founder of Spirits of the Earth

Vera Lopez is the founder of Spirits of the Earth, a spiritual adventure company established in 1989 that provides transformational experiences through travel to seekers around the world. With her extensive knowledge of sacred places, Vera has become one of the most respected guides of Machu Picchu and has dedicated her life to guiding others to explore spiritual sites such as Sedona, AZ, France, Spain, Avalon, and Brazil.

Vera is also a spiritual group leader, shaman, and PachaMama's priestess. She was born in Brazil and currently resides in Sedona, Arizona, a spiritual center in the United States. Vera began her spiritual journey at the age of 18 under the tutelage of Luiz Gasparetto, a renowned psychologist and metaphysical teacher. There, she discovered her innate ability to channel and began using it as a tool for guidance while working as a spiritual counselor.
As a speaker and presenter, Vera has been a keynote speaker at the Grail Springs Retreat Centre for Wellbeing, including their summer festivals for empowering women. She conducts international classes and retreats on various topics such as Priestesshood, Shamanism, Metaphysics, Spiritism, Traditional Japanese Reiki, and Awakening the Illuminated Heart. Additionally, she leads Divine Feminine Circles and has developed a certification program for women who feel called to serve the Great Goddess.

You may visit Vera's website to register for our tour and to read more about her spiritually based travel company at

Jennifer Harvard

Founder of Gaia Sisterhood

Gaia Sisterhood was founded in 2016  by Jennifer Harvard, a Nashville, TN native. Founder of the Wise Women Full Moon Retreats, Gaia Circles and the Goddess Craft Markets, she has cast a wide net of openness and inclusivity, welcoming as many women as possible into her Divine Feminine work. 

"My  background in Natural Health and Holistic Healing spans over 30 years. I was inspired by my mother who was a Reflexologist while growing up, which spurred me to seek alternative approaches to healing, work in a health food store during the 1990's and become a licensed massage therapist and energy healer.


After Recovering from Alcoholism I looked for a community and a spiritual practice that met my needs. Along my journey I became a Tibetan Buddhist Practitioner, studied some Yogic Philosophy, and dabbled in Other Nature Based Religions but found my true spiritual path and home in Nature Based Spirituality or Shamanism. From these traditions I have learned that  if  one of us is not liberated, none of us are truly free. 

Much of my work today involves using Ritual and Ceremony to create Safe space for women to gather in community and honor each turn in the Celtic Wheel Of the Year. "

One of Jennifer’s greatest passion is creating.  She is a Jewelry Designer, Macramé Artist, Aromatherapist, dried flower enthusiast, and  more. With that she has brought the Goddess Craft Market to Nashville featuring her designs as well as those of many woman artisans in the community. 

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Take me to Avalon!

To register for this life changing Pilgrimage, email Vera Lopez of Spirits of the Earth. Vera is a 30 year spiritual travel expert, a Priestess and co-leader of our journey.

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