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The Crown Chakra is the destiny of all spiritual practice. We are at one with the creator. We are liberated from the duality of suffering and  have entered the realm of completion.


  • Each Ritual Box contains a Palo Santo Bundle with 2 sticks and dried flowers,
  • Gemstone chakra diffuser bracelet. (Lepodlite stones aid in Crown chakra opening.)
  • One Aromatherapy Blend ( simply rub on wooden diffuser beads on bracelet, directly on Chakra, and on wrists and neck.)
  • Chakra Card with Mantra
  • Chakra Stone to carry with you or place on your altar.
  • Ritual Candle with herbs, essential oils and crystrals (place on your altar or next to your bath while reciting Mantra.)
  • Ritual Bath Salts specific to each Chakra


Crown Chakra Ritual Box

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