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Fall Goddess Craft Market Applications:  Closes on July 28

Welcome to the sisterhood!

Gaia Sisterhood celebrates and honors the divine in every woman through creative workshops, retreats, and craft markets.

We are women who honor the divine feminine. 

We celebrate the seasons of the year and the phases of the moon. 

We feel the rhythm of mother earth, and celebrate the rhythms in our own bodies. 

We believe in the magic of ceremony and intention. 

We listen to the stars and the planets. 

We pay close attention to the wisdom of our animal and plant friends.

We create sacred space to sit in circle with our sisters. 

We are maiden, mother and crone. 

We support each other with wisdom, strength and love.


Walk the path of the goddess with gaia sisterhood! 

Thank you for joining the Sisterhood!

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seasonal events

We gather together for seasonal full and half-day retreats to honor the turn of the Wheel of the Year. These celebrations combine sisterhood with ritual, traditional crafting, feasting, and deep work to cultivate an intentional life to carry us through the year. 

overnight retreats

Two points of the Wheel of the Year give us the opportunity to dig deeper and connect with our sisters in more profound ways. Our signature Wise Women Full Moon Retreat and our annual Imbolc Retreat combine all of the magick of our one day events with a longer respite from the world as we commune with the Goddess.

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mystery and membership

Years of training, connection to the Goddess and deep self work have led me to create two opportunities to support you in immersing yourself in the mystery traditions handed down through generations of women. Everyday Magick is my membership community for women looking for a solitary guided practice to integrate the Wheel of the Year. Walking the Spiral Path of the Goddess Mystery School is an intimate gathering of women to connect more deeply with Goddess energies and live a connected life.

goddess gatherings

Throughout the year we come together for Goddess Gatherings and New Moon Circles. These evening gatherings bring together our larger community to explore topics, set intentions, socialize, and generally revel in sisterhood and Goddess energies! Held in easily accessible venues throughout the Nashville area, our Goddess Gatherings are an opportunity to be in sacred space while navigating your daily life.

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By studying our deep connection to her we are better able to understand and heal ourselves.

goddess craft market

Gaia Sisterhood is thrilled to present another Goddess Craft Market! Please join us on Sunday, September 15, 2024 from 10am to 5pm at Wilburn Street Studio in East Nashville. Our event will feature 40+ female artisans, tarot readers, cocktails and mocktails, our favorite food trucks and the wonderful Gaia Sisterhood community! We cannot wait to see you there.

Full moon 

and cacao ritual


in sedona

goddess craft

market apps open


goddess craft


spiral path of

the goddess










It takes a brave woman to do the work it takes to heal and become her true Wise Wild Self, but it’s not just about you or me. It’s about healing generational wounds so that our children and their children can heal themselves to. The call of the Wild is within me, but I won’t run and hide from society. I’ll look for other Wildlings who hear the call and we will continue to rise together. 

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