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Wise Women:

We are excited (and honored) to introduce you to our team of incredible Wise Women!


Scroll down to read about these modern day Wise Women who are bringing their voices, their stories and their wisdom to the world today.

We hope you will join us for this incredible retreat where we will

Embody the Wisdom of the Crone.

Jennifer Harvard Red Dress.jpeg
Jennifer Harvard

Founder of Wise Women Full Moon Retreat

Opening and Closing Ceremonies, Rune Magic and the Crone Archetype

Jennifer Harvard, founder of The Wise Women Full Moon Retreat and The Goddess Craft Market launched Gaia Sisterhood in 2017 as a way for women to gather in a safe and nurturing environment  where they could create, explore and heal. Gaia Sisterhood honors and celebrates the divine in every woman through:

-Annual Wise Women Retreats for those wishing for an immersive experience

-Deep Magic Studies for those wishing to dive deeper into their own work-Seasonal Wheel of the Year Gatherings for seasoned retreat goers as well as those new to women's spirituality​.

Jennifer is Divine Feminine Circle & Retreat Facilitator, Licensed Massage Therapist, Reiki Healer, Aromatherapist, Breathwork Coach, Priestess of the Sacred Grove, and an artist. Her work of inclusion has opened doors to the work of the Divine Feminine to women from all walks of life. ​She invites you to explore the website or follow her on social media for more information.

Jennifer Harvard
Kim kambo henna Costa Rica 2022_edited.jpg
Kim Collins

Own Your Ohm Health

Opening and Closing Ceremonies, Water Blessing, The Wild Woman Embodied

Kim Collins is a Certified Hypnotherapist, Herbalist, Health Coach, Energy Healer and High Priestess
Kim has studied natural health and nutrition for over 25 years, including Ayurveda, herbalism, yoga and mysticism. She is a certified Hypnotherapist, Reiki Master, herbalist, an ordained High Priestess and is a current student in shamanism. Kim specializes in the use of herbs, vitamins, lifestyle, natural substances and techniques for supporting good health.

A bit about her more recent HERstory: In 2012, when Kim Collins healed her aggressive breast cancer diagnosis through natural holistic means and diet, her life path as a healer which she was already practicing became fully realized.

Because of her own personal experience of healing her cancer naturally, others were curious and called upon her for help when their current western medicine had seemed to fail. She felt compelled to help others that seemed drawn to her commitment and natural ability to understand the many different holistic protocols that are used in treating all sorts of health deficiencies, not just cancer. For years she did this without charging a dime to help others through their health crisis. From this experience, Kim chose the path as a holistic health consultant and energy healer to spread the word of natural healing, speaking out against the over use of traditional toxic pharmaceutical therapies. She more recently became certified as a clinical hypnotherapist and melds this into her energy work to help her clients heal on a deeper level. 

Kim Collins
Fairlight Hubbard

The Flower Key and Ceremony Hemp

The Power of the Diving Feminine and Gathering of Women

Born and raised in the hills of Kentucky, Fairlight Hubbard grew up in a culture rich with the art and traditions of Matriarchal mountain women, passed down generationally. One of the prized arts of her people is plant medicine. Living off the grid and self sufficient, days were spent learning arts not simply for function, but also for tradition and transmission of the culture. It is in this time period that Fairlight learned the art of working with our plant kingdoms... growing, foraging and harvesting the medicine of our land.


This inherited plant medicine from her family and the mountains has come full circle in the past two years as Fairlight transitioned into her roots once more and started an organic farm. Since its legalization on a national level, she has also been able to grow one of natures most prized medicinal flowers... hemp.

Hemp is a healer and helper for our bodies and our planet. The countless uses for hemp make it an important plant for us to befriend and to incorporate into our daily lives. In the off season of farming, Fairlight has spent her time formulating new medicinal offerings with her line The Flower Key and educating about hemp and other powerful plants.

Fairlight Hubbard
Leah Larabell
Leah Larabell

High Garden Tea

Ancient Wisdom of Our Wooden Ancestors

Hello and thanks for taking the time to get to know a little about me.  Above all, I am a nature-loving wife, mother and daughter who finds a great deal of purpose and satisfaction in sharing my love for the land.

I descended from a long line of Celtic Cunning Folk and have found my ancient gifts within the world of herbalism. After awakening this passion, I became obsessed with learning as much as possible and have dedicated over a decade of my life to rigorously studying and diligently practicing the art of herbalism. I have been taught by renowned herbal elders as well as Mother Nature herself.  Some of my teachers have included Lisa “Pipsissawa” Bedner, Darryl Patton “The Southern Herbalist”, and David Winston of Herbalist & Alchemist. I feel very fortunate that each has shared with me a piece of their own distinct knowledge and viewpoints on herbalism expanding my vision to see multiple layers in the field of plant wisdom keeping.

As a clinical level herbalist, I consider myself a Western Eclectic herbalist who has a special fondness for Appalachian Folk herbalism as well as Alchemical herbalism. A great deal of study and practice has taught me how to take into consideration phytochemical responses in the body in relation to the whole state of the person’s being.  I’ve also found that every person and plant relationship is unique and similar to “chemistry” that humans recognize with other humans. 

Many experiences over the years have humbled me to removing ego from my practice.  It is not me who offers healing.  I am simply a match maker between people and plants, hoping to facilitate the best connection.  It is the plants doing all of the work.  Each one bringing some type of special knowledge or ability ready to help if you just know who to ask.  They support your body in a manner that enables your body to better support itself and guide it back to a state of health in the needed area, making you stronger in the end.

I never USE plants; instead, I call upon them, ask for their help, look toward them for insight, or simply sit by them for companionship.    I am a forever student of the land and eternally grateful for the lessons.  

Leah Larabell
Brook Harvey
image_6487327 (4)_edited.jpg

Brooke Harvey

Yoga Instructor

Embodying the Crone Yoga


I believe yoga can lessen suffering for the mind, body and spirit, for all stages of life, for every body. 

Brooke found yoga in 2010 while completing her Masters Degree in Counseling, hoping for a good workout, but also discovered the mental health benefits of yoga as well. This led to a love of yoga that has grounded her in difficult times and will continue to do so throughout her lifetime. Brooke completed her 200hr YTT in Hatha Yoga in 2022 and enjoys teaching classes that draws on her dance background by connecting the breath with fluid movement. She also likes to incorporate her knowledge of the chakra energy centers, crystals, and moon phases. Her experience as a Licensed Counselor creates a calm and soothing environment that is inclusive for all. 


My goal is to create a brave space for people to show up for themselves, as they are, and take time to care for their mind, body and spirit. It is my hope that people leave my class feeling calm, centered, grounded, connected, but also challenged. I believe we can take the lessons we learn on our mats into our everyday lives and I challenge my students to live out their yoga beyond the mat. 

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