Wise Women:

We are excited (and honored) to introduce you to our team of incredible Wise Women!


Scroll down to read about these modern day Wise Women who are bringing their voices, their stories and their wisdom to the world today.

We hope you will join us for this incredible Journey of the Dark Goddess!

Jennifer Harvard

Founder of Wise Women Full Moon Retreat,

Opening & Closing Ceremonies, Mask Making, Anointing Ceremony & Shamanic Journey Facilitator

Jennifer Harvard, founder of The Wise Women Full Moon Retreat and The Goddess Craft Market founded Gaia Sisterhood in 2018 as a way for women to gather in a safe

and nurturing environment  where they could create, explore and heal. Gaia Sisterhood honors and celebrates the divine in every woman through:

• Monthly New Moon Circles

• Seasonal Creative Workshops 

• Winter and Fall Retreats• Bi-Annual Goddess Markets

Jennifer is also an artist and Aromatherapist who creates, Essential Oil Blends,

Macramé, Dream Catchers, Smudge Bundles,Jewelry, and more.

Her extensive background in Holistic Health and Bodywork has lead her back to her passion of connecting with women one in one.

30 years of body, mind, and spiritual studies have lead her to create a new business model. Jennifer will be offering sessions in an intuitive combination of:  Aromatherapy, Reiki, Conscious Breathwork, & Creative Play Therapy

Jennifer is a Certified Reiki 2 practitioner, has 630 hours of massage and bodywork training, is an Aromatherapist, and is training as a Rebirthing Breathwork facilitator. She is a Shamanic Priestess in training as well.

“I look forward to opening my new business in 2021! I’ve been training all of my life for this and am excited to put it together in this way and share it with you.”

Your sister in health,


Kim Collins

Opening and Closing Ceremonies, Water Blessing Ceremony, 

  "Into the Deep" Community Tincture making workshop, and Shamanic Journeying Co-Facilitator

Kim Collins of "Own Your Ohm Health" and "Apothicaire Biologique" Certified Hypnotherapist, Herbalist, Health Coach, Energy Healer + High Priestess
Kim has studied natural health and nutrition for over 25 years, including Ayurveda, herbalism, yoga + mysticism. She is a certified Hypnotherapist, Reiki Master, herbalist, Crystal Healer, an ordained High Priestess and is a current student in shamanism. Kim specializes in the use of herbs, vitamins, lifestyle, natural substances and techniques for supporting good health with focus on the mind-body connection, where one’s emotional and mental state is just as important as physical health.

A bit about her more recent HERstory:

In 2012, when Kim Collins healed her aggressive breast cancer diagnosis through natural holistic means and diet, her life path as a healer which she was already practicing became fully realized.
Because of her own personal experience of healing her cancer naturally, others were curious and called upon her for help when their current western medicine had seemed to fail. She felt compelled to help others that seemed drawn to her commitment and natural ability to understand the many different holistic protocols that are used in treating all sorts of health deficiencies, not just cancer. For years she did this without charging a dime to help others through their health crisis. From this experience, Kim chose the path as a holistic health consultant and energy healer to spread the word of natural healing, speaking out against the over use of traditional toxic pharmaceutical therapies. She more recently became certified as a clinical hypnotherapist and melds this into her energy work to help her clients heal on a deeper level. 

Visit Kim's Website at: http://www.ownyourohmhealth.com/ or follow her on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/lotuseye/


Born and raised in the hills of Kentucky, Fairlight Hubbard grew up in a culture rich with the art and traditions of Matriarchal mountain women, passed down generationally. One of the prized arts of her people is plant medicine. Living off the grid and self sufficient, days were spent learning arts not simply for function, but also for tradition and transmission of the culture. It is in this time period that Fairlight learned the art of working with our plant kingdoms... growing, foraging and harvesting the medicine of our land. This inherited plant medicine from her family and the mountains has come full circle in the past two years as Fairlight transitioned into her roots once more and started an organic farm. Since its legalization on a national level, she has also been able to grow one of natures most prized medicinal flowers... hemp. Hemp is a healer and helper for our bodies and our planet. The countless uses for hemp make it an important plant for us to befriend and to incorporate into our daily lives. In the off season of farming, Fairlight has spent her time formulating new medicinal offerings with her line The Flower Key and educating about hemp and other powerful plants.


Gabrielle Saliba, founder of A.M. Nashville, is an embodied fitness practitioner based in Nashville, TN. Formally a professional dancer and educator, she has worked with countless different kinds of movers nationally and abroad for over twenty years. Her work is a culmination of her training in master dance techniques, autobiographical theater and her personal journey in healing complex trauma. At A.M. Nashville, she offers awakened movement practices that encourage coordination, strength and wisdom through subtle body awareness.

Visit Gabrielle's website at https://www.amnashville.com/about.html

Karen Renée Robb

Frame Drum Wisdom

Karen Renée is a vocal and visual artist with over 30 years of vocal performance experience. Her passion for live sound, creativity and compassion has led her to assist others in reclaiming their voice, innate rhythm, creative expression and soul's calling through different practices using the frame drum. 

A mid-wife for the souls expression, Karen Renée brings her whole self into the experiences she facilitates. Helping to awaken and support others in meaningful, memorable ways, she makes the healing arts accessible and a vital part of personal growth and development.

“I believe that we each have healing power within our very own voices. Singing, toning, chanting is not just for the masters of music, the people deemed by society to be the official entertainers…it is for everyone. It is accessible wherever we are, wherever we go. The key is to help people realize that their own authentic voice matters, first and foremost and then show them how they can use it to be well and stay healthy. There is so much to share about this ancient tool for healing and personal empowerment. I am excited to be able to share the wisdom of the frame drum in many forms. I am dedicated bringing frame drums into every home as a tool for well-being, healing and connection. Connecting our hearts, minds and voices in a very powerful way."

Karen Renée is also a Sound & Reiki Clinician, Reiki Master Teacher, Circle Facilitator, Inspirational Speaker and Universal Life Minister. As a Meinl Sonic Energy dealer she has access a wide variety of “sound healing” instruments and enjoys providing the right solutions for her clients to use for themselves in their daily lives and homes.

For more information visit www.framedrumwisdom.comwww.mysonichealingspace.com and follow her on IG at @framedrumwisdom.

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