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Gaia Sisterhood

Wise Woman Story

I am thrilled you are joining me to bring deep meaning to the lives of women who long for sisterhood and connection to the Divine Feminine. For those of you who have been part of this journey, you know that sharing your story, in addition to your craft or workshop, is an important part of relating to the women who join our circle.  For those new to Gaia Sisterhood, we want to give assurance to those who take part in our retreats or workshops  that we have the energy and knowledge to support them.  

Please fill out the form below which includes your biography, workshop information, headshot (or other image of yourself to include), and if you would like to share, an image that conveys the content of the workshop.

This process assists in streamlining the launch of all Gaia Sisterhood endeavors.

***Please note. Please adhere to the information requested in each section.

Thank you for bringing your experience, your knowledge, and your story to Gaia Sisterhood.

Biography & Workshop Parameters

1.  Please submit a 1250 character (or less) biography via the form provided. Be as clear and concise as possible in the information you want to convey about yourself. Avoid using "I" as much as possible. Feel free to speak in first or third person. There may be an occasion when biographies are tweaked. You will be informed if that is the case. 

2. Additional Note on Biographies. Some events, such as the Wise Women Full Moon Retreat, we will have space for longer bios. However, we may need to use shorter bios for other events. If so, your bio may be edited to pertinent information with links to either your website or your social media handle.

3. Please fill out all fields possible, including website name and link as well as social media channels so you can be tagged in posts pertaining to the retreat.

4. Submit a clear headshot or image of yourself to be included with your biography. Please do not send grainy or blurry images. 

5. If you are able, submit an image that pairs with your workshop. This image should not be an image of you. This image should reflect the work.  If you are not able to find a suitable image, don't worry!  We love searching for the perfect image to complement the workshops. Please note:  There have been times and may be times when your bio image will be used as your workshop image.  For example, the 2022 Beltane Retreat used images of facilitators in some areas as workshop images. 

6. While we sometimes are able to honor editing requests prior to retreat/workshop launch, that is not always possible. Please keep all editing/change requests to ONE only.

Thank you!

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Thank you for being part of Gaia Sisterhood Retreats!

A Few of Our Past Wise Women

Past Wise Women have included herbalists, painters, yoga teachers, sound healers, hemp growers, and more. Each woman who has been part of Gaia Sisterhood retreats has imparted her energy and knowledge to all present and we are profoundly grateful to have them in our lives. 

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