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Winter Retreat: 
February 7, 2021

Gaia Sisterhood is excited to open registration for our 5th Annual Mid-Winter Retreat! Imbolc is a sacred and important turn in the Celtic Calendar year, marking the midway point between the Winter Solstice and the Spring Equinox. This is the beginning of spring! The themes are Renewal and Rebirth and it is a perfect time to clear out the old(spring cleaning) and set our sights on the year ahead. During this retreat we will connect deeply with our intuition by using Ritual, Ceremony and Visualization to come up with our Vows for the year. As the Wheel of the Year turns, we will continue to cultivate and work deeply with our vows.  The Magic is in the collective intention.

Winter Retreat Itinerary

This is the time of year when the first signs of spring are appearing and even more is happening beneath Mother Earth. Come celebrate Imbolc by planting the seeds of intention for 2021!

  • Plant Medicine Workshop: Learn about Herbs of Spring and their dual cleansing effects, both spiritual and physical. Leah will spotlight 4 herbs and talk about plants as living beings that have spirits(essence) and physical bodies which in turn create physical change in Our bodies. Ask what you wish to achieve and the plant will become your ally, making it possible.

  • Sound Journey with Ann Sensing: Through Sound we create space for connection and soul/self care. Ann will guide us on a meditation journey of deep listening. As we listen to our inner wisdom, we find a better understanding of ourselves.

  •  Brigid's Cross Workshop: "Light-wielder ,victorious Brigantia, Of the straight shining spear. Spread Thy Mantle of protection Over all of us here." This Ancient Pagan symbol of the Goddess Brigid(and later St. Brigid)is also known as a Celtic Sun Wheel or solar cross. Traditionally it is hung over a doorway as protection, but can also be placed on the Altar.

  • Imbolc Incense Workshop:  Herbs and Resins are blended, honoring Spring and the Renewal of the land

magical details for our virtual retreat:
 Cost and
What's included?
Retreat pricing:  $111
Each ticket includes access to a six-hour virtual retreat. This retreat is hosted by experts in their field and seasoned in facilitating women's retreats. Participants will receive a  box via mail prior to the retreat that includes herbs, wheat bundles, candles and a surprise to make the day even more magical!
February 7th, 2021
  • 10:00 -10:45: Introductions and Opening Circle

  • 10:45 -11:00: Break

  • 11:00 - 12:00: Plant Medicine with Leah Larabell 

  • 12:00 -12:30: Lunch Break

  • 12:30 - 1:00: Guided Meditation to find your Vow for 2021.  Journal time.

  • 1:00 - 1:30: Herbal Incense making with Jennifer 

  • 1:30 - 1:40: Break

  • 1:40 - 2:20: Sound Bath with Ann Sensing

  • 2:20 - 3:20: Meditation and Brigid’s Cross Workshop w/Jennifer 

  • 3:20 - 4:00: Closing Speak Around

Meet the facilitators

Jennifer Harvard

Jennifer Harvard, founder of The Wise Women Full Moon Retreat and The Goddess Craft Market founded Gaia Sisterhood in 2018 as a way for women to gather in a safe

and nurturing environment  where they could create, explore and heal. Gaia Sisterhood honors and celebrates the divine in every woman through:

• Monthly New Moon Circles

• Seasonal Creative Workshops 

• Winter and Fall Retreats

• Bi-Annual Goddess Markets

Jennifer is Divine Feminine Circle & Retreat Facilitator, Reiki Healer, Aromatherapist, Breathwork Coach, Student of Celtic Shamanism, and an artist. Her work of inclusion has opened doors to the work of the Divine Feminine to women from all walks of life.

She invites you to explore her Gaia Sisterhood website for more info.

"I facilitate sound experiences for a living because of the profound way of how learning to listen through yoga, meditation, and therapeutic sound has changed my life. A native of Nashville, TN, I’ve traveled the path that many of you are on – disillusioned by an unfulfilling job, lost and disconnected from meaning and my heart. 


Honing my inner voice was (and is) my way to a life rooted in truth and authenticity. I now share this knowledge and gift as a way to serve others in the same way it brought harmony and peace into my own life. Incorporating mindfulness, deep relaxation techniques, and somatic-based guidance are the basis of my approach. As a student, mother and teacher, I practice to uncover the fire of liberating wisdom in everyday experience."

Ann Sensing, Owner & Founder, Magnolia Meditation. Ann is a Certified Sound Practitioner, Sound Artist, Meditation Instructor, and Hatha and Restorative Yoga Teacher. She resides in Franklin , TN with her family of humans and animals.

Ann Sensing.jpeg

Ann Sensing

Leah Larabell

Leah Larabell

Leah  Larabell is  a nature-loving wife, mother and daughter who finds a great deal of purpose and satisfaction in sharing her love for the land. She is the Nashville visionary who has brought us High Garden Tea. 

Visit her website at

"Descended from a long line of Celtic Cunning Folk , I have found my ancient gifts within the world of herbalism. After awakening this passion, I became obsessed with learning as much as possible and have dedicated over a decade of my life to rigorously studying and diligently practicing the art of herbalism. I have been taught by renowned herbal elders as well as Mother Nature herself.  Some of my teachers have included Lisa “Pipsissawa” Bedner, Darryl Patton “The Southern Herbalist”, and David Winston of Herbalist & Alchemist. I feel very fortunate that each has shared with me a piece of their own distinct knowledge and viewpoints on herbalism expanding my vision to see multiple layers in the field of plant wisdom keeping.


As a clinical level herbalist, I consider myself a Western Eclectic herbalist who has a special fondness for Appalachian Folk herbalism as well as Alchemical herbalism. A great deal of study and practice has taught me how to take into consideration phytochemical responses in the body in relation to the whole state of the person’s being.  I’ve also found that every person and plant relationship is unique and similar to “chemistry” that humans recognize with other humans. Many experiences over the years have humbled me to removing ego from my practice.  It is not me who offers healing.  I am simply a match maker between people and plants, hoping to facilitate the best connection.  It is the plants doing all of the work.  Each one bringing some type of special knowledge or ability ready to help if you just know who to ask.  They support your body in a manner that enables your body to better support itself and guide it back to a state of health in the needed area, making you stronger in the end. I never USE plants; instead, I call upon them, ask for their help, look toward them for insight, or simply sit by them for companionship.    I am a forever student of the land and eternally grateful for the lessons. "

Imbolc Altar
Imbolc Penual Ridge
Imbolc Craft
Imbolc Sound
Imbolc Gathering 2020

There will be a time when we can circle together in person once again. For now, we can continue to build upon our past retreats, like these past Winter Retreats, to sustain us until that time. Imbolc is the most precious time to choose our seeds and due to the energies of this day on the wheel and the introspection the energies bring, it  is a smaller event and it does sell out. Reserve your space today for this year's virtual retreat. 

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