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strawberry moon
solstice soiree

Under the Full Moon

Saturday, june 22, 2024

Join Jennifer along with guest facilitators Dasha Bond and Kristin Clark for a magical solstice under the full moon!


Enjoy the bountiful fruits of the earth while reflecting on both inner and outer growth. We invite you to embrace the sweetness of life by celebrating the abundance of nature and the blessings of a sacred circle of women on the longest day of the year.

the longest day!

~ Find your soul’s song with Ritual Dance and Song Journey

~Revel in the sweetness of Mother Earth with an interconnectedness Ritual and meditation 

~ Taste mother natures abundance with a sit down seasonal feast in the hoop house at Humble Flower Farm

~Pick flowers from the garden to take home with you

~ Fire Ceremony: celebrate the Summer Solstice with sacred Fire Ceremony and Celebration!

Summer Solstic.jpg

The Strawberry Full Moon is a reflection of the peak of strawberry season. Much like this delicious fruit, our Summer Solstice Soiree will be sweet and juicy and full of magick!

The evening flow will be guided by jennifer along with dasha and kristen

Summer Solstice (3)_edited.jpg

5:00: Opening Circle

5:45: Journey with the Bees: Honey Ritual Sipping with Dasha

7:00: Bathroom Break/Flower Picking

7:15: Solstice Feast

8:00: Find your Soul’s Song, Ritual Dance and Song Journey 

9:00: Interconnectedness Meditation and Sweetness of Life Ritual with Jennifer

9:45: Fire Ceremony 

10:00-10:30: Depart

The Rhythm


Leslie Garbis of Singing is Healing is sharing a delicious vegetarian meal with us in honor of this auspicious Summer Solstice coinciding with the Strawberry Full Moon!

solstice feast

RESERVE YOUR spot FOR this summer solstice soiree!
Strawberry Full Moon 1.jpg


June 22, 2024

Time: 5pm to 10pm


***At Jennifer's Home

in East Nashville 

Cost: $151


Includes evening of magic,

supplies and dinner!

 “Midsummer is when the Cosmos is holding and supporting us, when we’re allowed to release anything we’ve been keeping in. What creative venture is waiting to burst forth? What can you continue to nurture in the next season?”

~ gabriela herstik

MEET jennifer harvard
Jennifer Harvard Fairy Tree Avalon_edite

Jennifer Harvard is the visionary behind Gaia Sisterhood which was founded in 2016. Jennifer has spent a lifetime educating herself  on the principals of natural health and healing. Founder of the Wise Women Full Moon Retreats, Gaia Circles and the Goddess Craft Markets, she has cast a wide net of openness and inclusivity, welcoming as many women as possible into her Divine Feminine work.  Her paths of study have led to becoming a:

  •  Licensed Massage therapist specializing in Ayurvedic Massage

  • Certified Conscious Breathwork Coach

  • Aromatherapist

  • Reiki Healer

  • Priestess of the Sacred Grove

  • Ayurvedic Student Practitioner

"It is with great humility and honor that I devote my energy to creating a safe space for women to come together and heal themselves, each other and the world."

Dasha Bond Updated.webp

dasha bond

Dasha Allred Bond is a bestselling author, certified Dream Coach, Rebirthing Breathwork facilitator, and intuitive Reiki energy healer. She has studied with Laura Hileman, Freedom Folk & Soul, Gaia Sisterhood, Robert Moss, Sandra Ingerman, Dana Micucci, Ariella Daly, and the late Will Sharon.


With her beloved husband, Kenny, and two children, Lilli and Avery, she has pilgrimaged across Southern France and England as well as sacred parts of Mexico and North America, attuning to the energetic ley lines of our lands and the stories carried by the rocks, the rivers, the trees, and the bees.


She feels a deep connection to the language of nature and the divine feminine and masculine aspects of herself revealed to her through the dream archetypes found in classic myths and personal stories.

Kristin clark

In my dreams, I hear songs…​and I bring them back to the best of my ability.  In dreams I have traveled through time and through the veils, up the waterfalls and down to the river of mist. 


These stories from the dreamtime come to me as songs. Many also come from waking visions and journeys.

Allowing myself to create in this way, at this late hour, feels as though I have discovered a secret room in my mansion. In this room there is story and poetry and music. There is multi-dimensional travel. There are wise guides and faeries, dragons and mystical journeys. There is dreaming and remembering. There is love and myth and healing and everything that thrills and delights me. 

To share this now after denying it for so long feels like a wild freedom.


We are all dream travelers with hidden rooms to discover. We all have these longings in our hearts. I believe that any longing in our hearts is holy. And I have come to understand that to answer and offer them is an act of love.

Kristin Clark Music_edited.jpg

vegetarian feast by leslie garbis

Leslie Garbis is avocal teacher with more than 25 years experience working with singers and voice professionals. She has sung professionally both on the stage and in the studio, and holds two degrees in vocal performance.​She is acertified mat Pilates instructor and loves incorporating Pilates principles in her teachings. A passionate songwriter, she gravitates towards writing simple chants for healing and for sharing in song circles, workshops and retreats.


Leslie’s duo, Enchant Yourself (along with Sarah Clanton) weaves their musical spells in  THE HEALING WATERS EXPERIENCE, available on all streaming platforms. 


You can also find Leslie creating, collaborating and facilitating workshops, retreats and song circles in the Nashville area and beyond. She absolutely loves connecting people to each other and a deeper knowing and expansion of themselves through music and community offerings.

Strawberry Moon Solstice Soiree
Strawberry Moon Solstice Soiree
Jun 22, 2024, 5:00 PM – 10:00 PM
1109 Calvin Avenue, Nashville, TN 37206
Solstice Registration

Gaia Sisterhood Cancellation Policy:  ​  


Life happens and occasionally attendees find themselves needing to cancel. While I will make every attempt to fill your space, my retreats have moving parts that require advance investment from me such as the purchase of food or deposits on space. Due to these things I have adopted the following policy for clarity on cancellations.  All events are fully refundable up to 30 days in advance. Any cancellations under 30 days prior to the event are eligible for a credit toward another Gaia Sisterhood event.  Cancellations within 7 days prior to any event forfeit all payments.

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