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Gaia Sisterhood in conjunction with Freedom Folk and Soul and spirits of the earth presents:


 Pilgrimage to Avalon

Registration for Pilgrimage to Avalon has closed. If you would like to join us, please email Jennifer at

If we are able to accommodate you, we will!

Thank you.

April 23 to May 3, 2024

SISTERS.... can you feel it? Our ancestors parted the great mists to open sacred codes and walk through the portal to Avalon. Druids and Priestesses before us gathered at the ring of Stones to learn the Great Mysteries of the Universe.

In this time of the great reawakening of the Divine Feminine, are you ready to rise up and meet her? 


 It is time to be in initiated into these Great Mysteries as a Priestess of Avalon. The Portal is opening. Join us for the Pilgrimage of the Priestess to Avalon! 

April 23- May 3, 2024 


11 days of Mystery, Magic, and ceremony with Sister seekers, walking the path of the ancients to honor the goddess Avalon Stonehenge, and more.

Experience Beltane in  England,

the Mystical Land of the Druids and Celtics.
Celebrate at the ancient Glastonbury Tor.

Take part in Teachings and Ceremonies by Druid & Bridged Priestesses 

We will pass through sacred portals, and receive initiations from the priestess of Avalon. We will enter into the. Temple of the goddess to connect with Mary Magdalene. The pilgrimage will continue with the private journey  to the sacred sites of Stonehenge and Avebury  and Beltane OH MY ! We will dance and celebrate life and nature at the peak of her abundance and fertility at the Dragon Festival in Glastonbury.

We are so excited and deeply honored to lead  this journey of a lifetime and take this sacred journey with you.

If you feel the call of Avalon , then join us ! 

We will arrive in London on April 22. Our expedition officially commences on the morning of April 23nd. We will journey together for 11 days and say our farewells on May 3 as we take the magic, mystery and lessons home.

11 days of Mystery, Magic, and Ceremony
with Sister Seekers walking the 
path of the Ancients to honor the Goddess.


Avalon, Stonehenge, Avebury and More!

Merry Meet! 

Our expedition officially commences on the morning of April 23nd, but feel free to arrive early in London to recuperate from your long international flight and explore the city for a few days.

We will be departing on the 23rd from The Petersham Hotel in Richmond and it is a viable option for your arrival on the 22nd or as your home base if you choose to come in early to explore London. It situated just 20 minutes away from Heathrow Airport and a mere 8 miles from central London via the Richmond Station/Underground.

For those who arrive early, we will gather for a celebratory dinner on April 22 at 5:00pm in the lobby of the Petersham Hotel.

​Our journey commences at 8:00am on April 23 from the Petersham Hotel in Richmond.  After breakfast we leave London to Radstock, in the way we will stop at beautiful Stourhead where we will officially open the sacred space of our circle and visit the Temple of Apollo. ​​

Petersham Hotel.jpg
Stourhead Gardens.jpg

After Stourhead we will head to our hotel, relax and enjoy an early rest as the week ahead will ask for your wellbeing.

April 24

Mary Magdalena Day

Through centuries women have been veiled and tied down, through systems of shame, guilt and sin. Nobody has been more demonized as Mary Magdalene, but at the same time, and especially in these times, it is She who is setting women free.

Today marks the start of our time-traveling adventure in Avalon,  a place of profound mystery and spirituality. We spend the day at the Goddess Temple and devote our day to work with Mary Magdalena.  This day will take us through the 7 Portals to Healing and Liberation... guided by Marion and Vera. We will embark in a deep understanding of her mastery and sacred teachings.  

This sacred work will offer you an opportunity to unveil, untie and reclaim and celebrate Maria/Maria Magdalene/the Feminine AND Yourself!  

April 25 and  26  Glastonbury/Avalon Gates

Guided by a Celtic Priestess of the Goddess and Saint Brigid, we'll embark on a ceremonial walk through the Seven Sacred Portals of Avalon. This deep exploration of the sacred landscape will take us in two days of walking the land and sacred sites together through the 7 portals.

Truly a pilgrimage, this is a chance for inner reflection and self-discovery. With the guidance of our Priestess, we'll ask the important questions that truly matter in our lives, seeking answers and connection with the powerful energies of this land.


Glastonbury-Avalon is a mystical place of connection with the sacred and through the sacred with yourself. Within the land there are several portals through which you can journey into a deeper connection with yourself, working with myth and legend and with the mystery that is within the land. During this tour we will work with the energy of 7 energetic gates as we travel through the mists of Avalon.

April 27

Wells, England

After the intensity of Avalon, we will spend a delightful day in the charming town of Wells, located in southwestern England. Although it's the smallest city in England, it's steeped in medieval history and boasts a captivating Saturday market that showcases local food, music, and art.

We will engage in a sensory feast, immerse ourselves in local culture, visit a 12th century cathedral with a chapel devoted to Mary, tour a collection of Green Man carvings, and stroll through the lush gardens and tranquil pools of the Bishop's Palace. Wells is truly a magical town and we are blessed to experience its beauty and charm.

April 28


Twenty miles north of Stonehenge, lies the breathtaking Avebury, the largest stone ring in the world. This ancient site is older than the more renowned Stonehenge, and its multiple rings are shrouded in mysteries that archaeologists have only begun to unravel. Our pilgrimage to Avebury will be led by Maria Wheatley, the leading authority on the geodetic system of earth energies, who will guide us in exploring its powerful energy transmissions and attuning to its wisdom.

Avebury 1.jpg


through a private entrance

As we approach the world-renowned Stonehenge, we feel a powerful energy emanating from this ancient site. Stonehenge is a prehistoric monument believed to have been constructed in several phases between 3000 BCE and 1600 BCE. Composed of massive standing stones, Stonehenge was likely used for ceremonial and religious purposes, along with astronomical observations and calculations. Despite many theories, the true purpose of the monument remains unknown.

Entering the site, we are awed by the sheer size and magnitude of the standing stones. We take time to meditate and connect with the energy of the site, feeling the powerful vibrations that have been present here for thousands of years. 


This is a once-in-a-lifetime experience that will alter the rest of our lives.
After returning to our hotel, we have the evening free to integrate the powerful experience we had in the heart and wisdom of the ancient Stonehenge circle.

Our visit to Stonehenge is guided by a Druid Priestess who knows the site intimately. She shows us the ceremonial ways to enter and move around the circle, honoring the lay lines and the intentional placement of the stones at each point of power to create and emit a specific resonance that still vibrates today, taking us to realms of high levels of light. We have the privilege of entering the ancient and sacred circle of Stonehenge in a private manner.

Glastonbury Chalice Well.jpg


April 30 and May 1st are reserved for all the Beltane celebration in Glastonbury

Beltane is a special time of the year, a time to celebrate the power of the sun, growth, and fertility. It is an occasion to recognize the blessings of the Earth and to pay homage to the sacred union between the masculine and feminine energies. In the past, Beltane was an opportunity for couples to participate in love and fertility rites, and for communities to commemorate the abundance of the land.

On our journey through the Sacred Landscape of Avalon, has taken us through several significant sites, including the Chalice Well and the Tor, having connected to these beautiful sites prior will make this Beltane day so much more special to all of us. ​In celebrating Beltane in this sacred land, we will open our hearts and minds to the magic and mystery of the Earth. We will honor the blessings of the land, the power of the Sun, and the beauty of the Sacred Feminine.  We will carry this energy with us as we continue on our spiritual journey.


Glastonbury Beltane 1.jpg

Merry Part!

May 2 Return to London

Today we say good bye to this magical journey and start our return home. First stop will be London for an overnight...  We are expected to arrive at our London hotel by 4:00 pm, where we will check-in and savor our last meal together.

May 3  Depart for Home

As we embark on our individual journeys, the unbreakable bond of our Divine Circle endures. We carry with us the invaluable lessons, the moments of merriment and laughter, as well as the tears shed and the love shared. Though we part ways, the energy and connection of our sacred circle accompany us. 

Are you ready to embark on
The Priestess Pilgrimage to Avalon?

Vera Lopez.png

If you have been a longtime participant in Gaia Sisterhood retreats, you know we typically offer a deposit option for our larger retreats. For our journey to England we  are allowing seekers to pay a one time deposit or split your deposit into two payments. . You may also contact Jennifer or Stephanie  or Vera Lopez to discuss the trip or to be part of upcoming calls!

If you are read to register, scroll down and let us know.



Priestess Pilgrimage to Avalon Includes

~11 Days/10 Nights Communing with the Goddess

~3 Priestess Guides plus Special Guest Priestesses

~Entrance Fees to all Sacred Sites

~Double Occupancy Rooms

~Ground Transportation

~Private Access to Stonehenge

~Ceremonial and Spiritual Guidance

~Daily Meditations

~Sisterhood and Connection

Total Cost:  $5,900

Deposit:  $1,500 

Final Payment Due: January 20,2024



If you are ready to say YES and enroll

You may pay your deposit TODAY  to ensure your spot and we will email you the registration form and terms and agreement AFTER receiving your deposit. 



***Single Occupancy available for an additional charge.

Glastonbury Tor.jpg

i am ready!

Registration for Pilgrimage to Avalon has closed. If you would like to join us, please email Jennifer at

If we are able to accommodate you, we will!

Thank you.

Pilgrimge Registration

Included in your journey:

  • 11 days, 10 nights accommodation;

  • Full time Journey Facilitators: Jennifer Harvard; Stephanie Urbina Jones and Vera Lopez;

  • 2 Special Guests: Maria Wheatley a Druid Priestess and Marion Brigantia Brighde and Avalon Priestess;

  • Breakfast each Day.

  • All entrance fees for stated tour sites;

  • All ground transportation for tour mentioned and private driver;

  • ​Special, private access to Stonehenge;

  • Ceremonies and Spiritual guidance/support on your sacred journey;

  • Daily Meditation;

  • A guaranteed heart to heart journey.

Not  included
in your journey

  • All Flights and airport taxes;

  • All transport costs outside of and not included in this itinerary such as upon arrival and departure and free day;

  • All insurance, including personal liability, medical and/or baggage insurance, etc.;

  • Tour Leaders, Guides and driver Tips.

  • Lunch & Dinner each day.

Meet Your Guides on Your Goddess Pilgrimage:

Jennifer Harvard

Jennifer Harvard, founder of Gaia Sisterhood is a Nashville, TN native. Jennifer has spent a lifetime educating herself  on the principals of natural health and healing. Founder of the Wise Women Full Moon Retreats, Gaia Circles and the Goddess Craft Markets, she has cast a wide net of openness and inclusivity, welcoming as many women as possible into her Divine Feminine work.  "Much of my work today involves using Ritual and Ceremony to create Safe space for women to gather in community and honor each turn in the Celtic Wheel Of the Year." [read more...]

Vera lopez

Vera Lopez is the founder of Spirits of the Earth, aspiritual adventure company established in 1989 that provides transformational experiences through travel to seekers around the world. With her extensive knowledge of sacred places, Vera has become one of the most respected guides of Machu Picchu and has dedicated her life to guiding others to explore spiritual sites such as Sedona, AZ, France, Spain, Avalon, and Brazil.
Vera is also a spiritual group leader, shaman, and PachaMama's priestess. [read more...]

urbina jones

Stephanie Urbina Jones, co-founder of Freedom Folk and Soul, is a Toltec teacher, dreamer, seeker, minister and mid-wife shamama leading journeys of transformation in the US and  all over the world . She brings joy everywhere she goes and guides folks on their journey of self-discovery, healing, and transformation, empowering those who seek to live a life of passion, purpose, and personal freedom. Stephanie is an an author, an award winning songwriter and artist  with her history making  Honky Tonk Mariachis. [read more...]  

Special Guests:

Marion Brigitania.jpg

​Marion Brigantia is a Priestess of Brighde-Brigantia and serves the Goddess and Her Nature in Avalon/Glastonbury. Her work is focused on being in service to both Goddess and people who come to connect with the Land and the Divine. Through her devotion and service to Goddess, Marion intends to bring Her Love, Light, Wisdom, Healing, and Abundance into the world and into people's lives. Marion looks forward to "Priestessing for You!"

Maria Wheatley is a highly experienced and knowledgeable teacher and practitioner of dowsing, past life regression, and tarot. She is recognized as the leading authority in the UK on geodetic earth energies and ley lines. Maria has been teaching these subjects for over 23 years and has studied the Neolithic and Bronze Age Landscape with the University of Bath, Astrology and metaphysics with Claregate College, Potters Bar, London, and Druidic practices and history with British Druid Order. She is a second-generation Master Dowser who was taught by European Master Dowsers, including her late father and Chinese geomants. With her expertise and deep understanding of earth energies and spirituality, Maria has led many successful tours to ancient sacred sites in the UK and around the world.

The Goddess is Calling....

Glastonbury Tor.jpg


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