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While in Mexico, we will lodge in the Villas Las Campanas situated in  San Juan Teotihuacán.  There we will be treated to home cooked meals, incredible views, and a foundation in which to experience our journey.  Though most meals will be at Villas Las Campanas, we will also experience lunch in Coyoacan, the neighborhood of Frida Kahlo's Casa Azul.  This bohemian neighborhood is home to many restaurants and street food vendors!

Villas las campanas

We have carefully created our small hotel and retreat center for you as a place to feel at home while exploring the energies of the 2000 year old pyramids of Teotihuacan. We welcome all forms of creative expression in our art studio classroom and meditation salon. Our dining room cafe is in one of the oldest houses in the village where you can enjoy its colonial charm while sipping your cappuccino. Our rooftop terrace offers spectacular views of the 18th century church right next door and of the Pyramid of the Sun. Wander through our central serpentine pathway between casitas and the gardens of our property aromatic with honeysuckle, lavender and roses, beneath our romantic wrought iron balconies, and remember that peace lives in your heart and that you can cultivate beauty in your life.

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At Villa Las Campanas, we have cultivated a sense of intentional creativity from the beginning. Both in the conservation of the original house where our cafe is and the construction from the ground up of our guest rooms, our intent has been to inspire our guests with beauty and refined energy, making this a place of vibrant creativity, growth of consciousness, dreaming, and open hearts. Our world needs you, your vision and your compassion. By building bridges between cultures, we believe that together we can heal separation. Villa Las Campanas is dedicated to peace and union.

Our guest rooms offer a peaceful environment filled with light. Our romantic balconies are perfect for cappuccino , reading a good book, filling a sketchbook with colorful ideas, watching the birds come home to nest at sunset, and evening being serenaded by a mariachi. Our cafe dining room is in the original part of the house, which is said to date to the 18th century. We’ve preserved the colonial feel with clay tile floors and Boveda Catalana tile and beam ceiling to accent the charming old thick stone walls. Original artwork by Emily K. Grieves hangs throughout the villa as an invitation to our guests to explore their own creative expression.

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More Info about Villas:

  •        Villa Las Campanas is situated in the “Plazuela” of the center of San Sebastian Xolalpa in Teotihuacan with beautiful views of the charming historic village church built in 1735. The café/dining room is in original house, which is considered to be the oldest house in the village, and we’ve worked hard to conserve and restore it to its original charm, featuring impressive stone walls, clay tile floors and a classic “boveda” ceiling of clay tile and wood beams.

  •        The spacious art studio, meditation salon, and rooftop terrace rise above the original house. The rooftop terrace is covered with wood and tile, making it the perfect space to enjoy a cup of coffee, a gathering or meeting, or even to set up easels to enjoy the extraordinary views of the church to the South and the Pyramid of the Sun to the North. The studio can also be used as a meeting room.

  •        The art studio has been designed with careful intention to serve all of your creative work and play. There is table seating for 15, and the space can be reorganized to completely fit your needs – painting, journaling, writing, print-making… We have 8 easels. The studio has 2 utility sinks, and everything you’d need for painting: water jars, aprons, palettes, rags, paper towels, communal brushes, palette knives, charcoal, pencils, etc. all the basics. Just bring your own paint, medium, and favorite brushes! We can order canvas, paper and other materials for you with advance notice.

  •        Breakfast, comida, and cena are included in group packages. Additional specialties are available for purchase, including alcoholic beverages and coffee drinks/cappuccinos. Enjoy homemade meals made fresh daily in our house kitchen and served in our classic colonial style café/dining room or on our rooftop terrace. Vegetarian meals available (PLEASE let us know in advance for any special dietary needs). You can also enjoy relaxing in our “secret” garden adjacent to the main building.

  •        There is unlimited purified bottled water available. Purified water is served in a pitcher with glass in guest rooms and from a dispenser in the dining room and studio. In an effort to cut down on plastics use, we don’t provide single-use water bottles. We suggest you bring your own refillable bottle (ie kleen canteen) or purchase one from the house.

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