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Imbolc Blessings

Welcome to Everyday Magick.  This is an online Wheel of the Year course offering the best of both worlds -a guided individual magickal practice on your time and on your terms.

All from the comfort of your home.

I am offering this sneak peek of Imbolc to give you an idea of the entire series.

 hope you enjoy bringing Everyday Magick into your life through the journey of Imbolc.


imbolc:  february 1-2

Imbolc comes from the word Imbolg meaning “in the belly” This Sabbat marks the mid-way point between the Winter Solstice and the Spring Equinox in the Northern Hemisphere. Nature appears to be at rest but if you look close you’ll notice the first signs of Spring. Think of the gentle curve of a newly pregnant woman’s belly. This is Imbolc. The Earth is pregnant with the anticipation of Spring and all the possibilities that lie ahead.

This course includes:

• Altar Set up

• Explanation of Imbolc 

• Guided Meditation on the Goddess Brigid

• Creating a Sigil with your Imbolc

    Vow for the year

•  Journal Prompts & Monthly inspiration

  • • How to Make a Brigid’s Cross

  • imbolc workbook

your journey into the magick of imbolc begins with this guided meditation. 

Guided Meditation with the Goddess Brigid (2)_edited.jpg
Guided Meditation with the Goddess BrigidJennifer Harvard
00:00 / 10:14

Take a nature walk

* Watch my nature walk video AFTER you’ve listened to the meditation.

Your vow is created through this process.

Turn your Vow into a Sigil

*Please listen to the Guided Meditation and watch the nature walk video BEFORE making your Sigil

Materials: Journal, pen, pencil,ruler,  paint pen,

 *Optional: small colored cardstock paper

Follow the instructions included in the imbolc workbook to create a charged image created of your vow to place on your altar. Your workbook will be provided with the purchase of the series.


Create a seasonal altar

Part of Everyday Magick is creating something special out of the mundane. I hope this video inspires you to do just that!


Download the Imbolc Workbook for full instructions on how to create your altar! 

(Accessible with purchase)

Goddess Altar 2023_edited_edited.jpg

Altar Materials:

To create an Altar you’ll first need to find a place for it. I use my coffee table as an altar because I see it all the time. I also have an altar in my airstream studio space.

Download the Imbolc Workbook for the full instructions on creating your altar space.

Weave a brigid's cross

Brigid, the Goddess associated with Imbolc is the Goddess of Smithcraft, Poetry, and Hearth & home but at one time, it is believed that she was a Sun Goddess.  The Christian story is one of a Pagan Chieftain and St.Brigid who weaved a cross from Rushes found outside. She healed this Chieftain and he converted to Christianity.  St.Brigid of Kildare is who the Goddess became but before she was a Saint, Pagans throughout Europe gathered rushes during the evening before Imbolc and weaveda Sunwheel or Suncross in her honor.

These Sunwheels represented the beginning of Springtime and were hung over doorways to honor Brigid and ask for her protection.

Materials needed:

Rushes or wheat stalks

Raffia, twine, or, string


*soak straw for at least 2 hours to avoid breakage.


Complete instructions to weave a brigid's cross found in the imbolc workbook!

download your everyday magick workbook

your everyday magick workbook contains instructions for creating your sigil and a brigid's cross. you may simply download it and use it from your computer or print it and create your own magical workbook to use through the year. click the workbook image to download.

Gaia Sisterhood Everyday Magick Imbolc_edited.jpg


Imbolc Workbook

become a member of gaia sisterhood's online wheel of the year community


Membership to Everyday Magick includes

8 Modules aligned to the Wheel of the Year

These modules contain:

- Guided Meditations

- Journal Prompts

- Seasonal Crafts w/ Supply list

- Unlimited Access to content

- Explanation of the 8 Sabbats 

- Altar set up for each Sabbat w/ supply list

Join YEARLY and receive:

Yearly membership includes everything listed above 

One-year membership:  $45


Upgrade your membership to receive a special delivery from me which includes:

- loose incense

-ritual candle 


One-year membership and upgrade:  $99


imbolc magick

image_6487327 (7).JPG

Thank you for joining me in this tranformational journey with the Goddess Brigid and the energy of Imbolc. I hope you will join me to honor the remainder of the year and bring Magick into your life....Everyday.

I hope this course brings you joy, sparks creativity, connects you with the natural world, but most of all, brings a childlike wonder back to your everyday life.

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