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Balancing the Magick Within
A Day Retreat Honoring the Fall Equinox
September 22, 2020

autumnal blessing

The light and the dark are same in length,

The have equal time and equal strength.

But soon the darkness will prevail

And the light and the warmth will begin to pale.

But do not be afraid, do not dismay,

For this is the rhythm of nature's way.

Rejoice in the abundance that this year bears,

Breathe deep in the coolness and change in the air.

Have gratitude and blessing, keep toll,

And may this shift of nature enlighten your soul.

Balancing the magick within

A day retreat honoring the fall equinox

Co-Created by:

-Own Your Ohm Health

-Frame Drum Wisdom & ReSounding Wholeness

-Gaia Sisterhood

The Fall Retreat welcomes the Magick on the season. Taking time to honor this auspicious day creates a sacred balance with the rhythms of nature creating more harmony in our own lives.

The Fall Equinox is one of the two times during the year that the sunlight and darkness are equal. If we follow the Celtic Wheel of the Year, then we realize that the Winter Solstice is both the end and the beginning. On this shortest day of the year we welcome the return of the light. This is a perfect time to plant our seeds of intention for the year ahead. Once we reach the fall Equinox we reflect on the vows or intentions we made and we let go of the things that no longer serve us. On this day of balance, we celebrate the harvest and it’s bounty and reflect on the withering that is happening at the same time. We honor both the light and the dark. 

As we prepare for our decent into the darkest months, how can we create balance and open ourselves up to the light within? This retreat will inspire us by using our intentions, creative energy, and the natural world to light the way. If you are ready to register and be part of this magical day, follow the link below. For more details, keep scrolling.

Image by Matt
balancing the magick retreat details
Hachland Hall Retreat Center 1.jpg
Hachland Hall Retreat Center 2.jpg

Location: Hachland Hill Retreat

Day: September 22,2020

Time: 12:00pm-7:30pm

price:  $185

Food: Afternoon Meal Provided

This Day Retreat will be held at Hachland Hill Retreat Center.

Included in the price is a One Day Retreat, Workshops and A Shared Meal (3 meal options including Vegan and Gluten Free). This event will largely take place out of doors to ensure social distancing. We will utilize the barn on-site, but will mindfulness toward good health and safety practices. After you have registered, you will receive an email with the address and items to bring with you to enhance your experience. All materials and supplies are included.

Spiritual herbalism square.jpg
Spiritual Herbalism 
The Magick + Folklore of Plants
With Kim Collins

The Autumnal Equinox marks not only the end of summer light but a return to the dark. From the equal balance of night and day, we now journey towards longer nights and we slow down getting ready for Winter. The Equinoxes are a time for us to nurture our ability to balance the complexity that makes us who we are. The dark shadows that exist in the corners of our being. It is an opportunity to take a deep breath and honor the work of the year so far and carry summer heat through to winter fires. Our plant friends can help us through this process, as they too go through the seasonal cycles. They can bring this balance energetically to us. In this herbal workshop we will be working the magick of the plants, practicing the art of Wortcunning. It’s a word used to describe the ancient practice of the healing and magickal properties of plants. The energy, aura and folklore that resides in and around them.

The name wortcunning (wort= plant , cunning = practical knowledge) is virtually extinct in our modern culture today, but our hedge-witch ancestors used this practice of plant magick in their daily lives and some of the folk lore that has remained is used today in our own everyday lives (holly on the mantle, hedges on our properties, protection of bay leaves, funeral lilies to restore the soul after death, crowns of carnations during the day of the dead, etc). We all know that herbs can bring our body healing through the plant medicine, but in this workshop we will look at the MAGICK contained within them and the folklore that is attached to certain balancing herbs and plants. If weather permits we will perhaps wander around the grounds of Hachland Hills to do some wildcrafting and using balancing herbs we will make our own medicine pouches to have with us always. We will also gather by the creek to perform a powerful ritual using our plant allies to help guide us. I look forward to facilitating this fascinating and vast topic with you all.

The Workshops
sacred sound solar ritual

With Karen Renee

As the nights get longer and the outer light of day starts to fade, we will activate the radiant light we hold within our Beings to guide us during the dark days to come. Through the magick medicine of sound, voice and rhythm we will cleanse and clear our body, mind and spirit. Creating an open portal to bridge and balance the energies of Heaven and Earth. Through sacred ritual we will sound and drum for our Manipura (solar plexus), balancing our Beings to bring forth and activate our loving service to the world, in an empowered and fully embodied way.

witch's broom making

With Jennifer Harvard

As we enter the season of the Witch, what better way to stir up a little Witchy Magic! Brooms or Besoms have always been associated with Witches for their magical and ritualistic qualities. The broom quite literally sweeps away dirt and represents cleansing of negative energy. Witches of old were said to have hidden wands and other magical tools in the bristles. Some early Besoms that were discovered, had small hidden compartments where feathers, oils, and other magical tools were kept. On this day of balance, we honor both feminine and Masculine energy. Besom’s have both of the qualities. The Stick represents the Male and the Bristles represent the female. This is why they are often used in hand-fasting ceremonies.  During this workshop we will use Birch Twigs, herbs, flowers, and charms to create our own ritual tools. They are beautiful to look at as well.

Golden Leaves
Magickal itinerary:
  • 11:30 -11:45: Arrival

  • 12:00-1pm: Opening Circle w/ Jennifer Harvard, Kim Collins, & Karen Renee Robb

  • 1:00 - 1:30: Shamanic Journey

  • 1:45 - 2:45: Spiritual Herbalism: The Magick + Folklore of Plants w/ Kim Collins

  • 3:00 - 4:00: Afternoon Meal

  • 4:00 - 5:00: Sacred Sound Solar Ritual w/ Karen Renee Robb

  • 5:00 - 6:15: "Besom" Witches Broom Making Workshop w/ Jennifer Harvard

  • 6:30 - 7:30: Closing Ritual and Ceremony

Meet Your Guides This Fall Equinox

Kim NEW headshot Tracey.jpeg

Kim Collins

 own your ohm health

Kim Collins of "Own Your Ohm Health" and "Apothicaire Biologique" Certified Hypnotherapist, Herbalist, Health Coach, Energy Healer + High Priestess Kim has studied natural health and nutrition for over 25 years, including Ayurveda, herbalism, yoga + mysticism. She is a certified Hypnotherapist, Reiki Master, herbalist, Crystal Healer, an ordained High Priestess and is a current student in shamanism.


Kim specializes in the use of herbs, vitamins, lifestyle, natural substances and techniques for supporting good health with focus on the mind-body connection, where one’s emotional and mental state is just as important as physical health.

Visit Kim's website  at for more information.


Karen Renee Robb

Frame Drum Wisdom

Resounding Wholeness

Karen Renee is a vocal and visual artist with over 30 years of vocal performance experience. Her passion for live sound, creativity and compassion has led her to assist others in reclaiming their voice, innate rhythm and creative expression through the use of the frame drum. A mid-wife for the souls expression, Karen Renée brings her whole self into the experiences she facilitates. Helping to awaken and support others in meaningful, memorable ways, she makes the Healing Arts accessible and a vital part of personal growth and spiritual development.

Karen Renée is also a Sound & Reiki Clinician, Reiki Master Teacher, Circle Facilitator, Inspirational Speaker and Universal Life Minister.  Learn more about her and the experiences she offers at and


Jennifer Harvard

Gaia Sisterhood

Jennifer Harvard, founder of The Wise Women Full Moon Retreat and The Goddess Craft Market founded Gaia Sisterhood in 2018 as a way for women to gather in a safe

and nurturing environment  where they could create, explore and heal. Gaia Sisterhood honors and celebrates the divine in every woman through:

• Monthly New Moon Circles

• Seasonal Creative Workshops 

• Winter and Fall Retreats

• Bi-Annual Goddess Markets

Jennifer is Divine Feminine Circle & Retreat Facilitator, Reiki Healer, Aromatherapist, Breathwork Coach, Student of Celtic Shamanism, and an artist.

She invites you to explore her Gaia Sisterhood website for more info.

Kim Collins
Karen Renee Robb
Jennifer Harvard
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