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Gaia Sisterhood Presents

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Jennifer Harvard of Gaia Sisterhood

featuring workshops with

Shambia Ananda Prem  and Dusty Rose Miller

The Magic Takes Place

Saturday October 17, 2020

5:30pm to 8:30 pm


Gaia Sisterhood is excited to offer the

1st in a Series of Events  called

“Using Creative Expression to open the 7 Core Chakras.” 

We begin the series by focusing on the Root Chakra or Muladhara with an “Evening of Earth Magic.” By connecting to and creating from the earth, we are able to become more grounded, stable, and secure in our relationship to self, others, and Mother Earth.


The Evening begins with Cacao Ceremony Facilitated by Dusty Rose Miller followed

by an Intuitive Reading and Movement Activity with Shambia Ananda Prem.

Jennifer Harvard will teach a Witch’s Brew making workshop.



Witches Brew Worshop

with Jennifer Harvard

Participants will blend herbs and spices to ground, create warmth and enhance psychic ability. Traditionally the Brew is later used to pour on the earth on Samhain to honor the ancestors, but can be added to hot wine or cider during the winter months or anytime warmth and nourishment is needed. * Workshop Includes enough herbs and spices for several cups of mulled cider and muslin bag. 



Intuitive Reading and Movement 

with Shambia Ananda Prem

Enjoy intuitive reading integrated into  movement with Shambia to connect to our root chakra. 

Mystic of the wild, Shamanica medium and clear vibration guided by the animal kingdom, plant queendom, guiding Oracles and seers. She is here to serve you with clear messages from your higher self and root your Being into the sensational warmth of your living temple. 

Cacao Ceremony

with Dusty Rose Miller


Our ceremonial cacao will be served as a sipping beverage with some of the spices from our witches brew—orange, cinnamon, cardamom—and a touch of maple syrup. I experience cacao as a generous plant ally that will happily support and ground the root chakra in service to the heart opening. In gratitude for this plant's offering and in service to our own remembering of what opens our heart and gives us life, we’ll sing She Give Me Life ( As we drink in the sun's energy, manifest here as cacao, we’ll have the opportunity to share with each other what the plant is revealing to us. By witnessing how each of our experiences differ, we are cultivating conversations with these plant allies in a way that makes them dynamic and real, that make them friends and even teachers and lovers. I look forward to witnessing you. 


We hope you will join us for this evening retreat  and for

the following chakra series as the wheel of the year turns.

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