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Deep Magick 

with Jennifer Harvard & Kim Collins
Summer Retreat
Sold Out!


A series for the Woman who longs for a deeper connection to Pachamama  and her own Divine Essence.

We are of the earth and from the Earth.

By studying our deep connection to her we are better able to understand and heal ourselves.

This Series offers a deep exploration of Seasonal Earth Magick including Herbs and Rituals, Somatic Healing such as Breathwork and Massage, Elemental Studies, Healing for the Mind and Spirit such as Hypnotherapy, Meditation, Shamanic Journeying and so much more. It will be led by Jennifer Harvard and Kim Collins, two of Nashville's most sought after retreat leaders who have spent a lifetime of study in mystical and wellness traditions. 

Join us on the following dates to harmonize with the elementals:

April 23: East/Spring/Air, June 25: South/Summer/Fire,

September TBA: West/Fall/Water, November TBA: North/Winter/Earth

The fire element is associated with energy, courage, passion, and change.


We work with this element during the season of Summer when the Sun, the ultimate source of Fire, is at it’s strongest.

Fire Invocation

I evoke the evoke the elemental force of Fire,

The flames of creativity and passion,

dancing source of heat, light, and life.

I seek the glowing forge within.

That I might warm myself with

desire, excitement, courage, and inspiration.

I call you forth to burn away

all that impedes my highest vision

and to enact change in the world

     Lightning and Hearth

     Heart and Forge

     Fire I call the hence 

Deep Magick Fire.jpg


Date:  June 25, 2023

Time:  5pm to 9:30pm

Location:  Ajna Wellness Retreat Center

Cost:  $161 (Includes Dinner)

5:00: Opening Circle

followed by

Manipura Meditation, Breathe of Fire

Cacao Ceremony

Indian Dinner

Fire Element Incense Making and Herbal Talk

Fire Ceremony and Speak Around

Closing Sound Bath


Jennifer Harvard, founder of The Wise Women Full Moon Retreat and The Goddess Craft Market founded Gaia Sisterhood in 2017 as a way for women to gather in a safe

and nurturing environment  where they could create, explore and heal. Gaia Sisterhood honors and celebrates the divine in every woman through:

  • Seasonal Events honoring the Celtic Wheel of the Year

  • Overnight Retreats

  • Bi-Annual Goddess Markets

  • Deep Magick Series

  • International Retreats​​

Jennifer is Divine Feminine Circle & Retreat Facilitator, Licensed Massage Therapist, Reiki Healer, Aromatherapist, Breathwork Coach, Priestess of the Sacred Grove, and an artist. Her work of inclusion has opened doors to the work of the Divine Feminine to women from all walks of life.

Series Facilitators


Jennifer and Kim are committed to creating accessible women's spirituality and wellness in Middle Tennessee. Join them in their quest to bring a deeper understanding of the Divine Feminine  to each participant. 

Kim Collins of Own Your Ohm Health 

is a Certified Hypnotherapist, Herbalist, Health Coach, Energy Healer and  High Priestess. She has studied natural health and nutrition for over 25 years. 

In 2012, Kim Collins healed  her aggressive breast cancer diagnosis through natural holistic means and diet and her life path as a healer became fully realized.  Her  personal experience of healing her cancer  drew others to call upon her for help when their  western medicine  seemed to fail.  She felt compelled to help others - free of charge.  From this experience,  her healing practice was born.  Kim specializes in the use of herbs, vitamins, lifestyle, natural substances and techniques for supporting good health and mind-body connection. 

You can read more on her website. 

About Ajna Wellness
Retreat Center


Deep Magick will meet at The Ajna Wellness Retreat Center... a peaceful place to retreat in the heart of East Nashville. So close to it all, yet you'll feel miles away. The home, grounds & the rustic design are all uniquely inspired by nature & offers an Herbalist's Apothecary on the grounds in which you can visit. The intention of Ajna is to offer a health & wellness retreat within its sanctuary and thus it is the perfect space to host the Deep Magick series. The Wellness Center is owned by co-facilitator Leader Kim Collins.


So I say, if you are burning, burn.

If you can stand it, the shame will burn you away and leave you shining, radiant, and righteously shameless.

~ Elizabeth Cunningham

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Deep Magick Series:  Summer 2023
Deep Magick Series:  Summer 2023
Jun 25, 2023, 5:00 PM – 9:30 PM
Deep Magick Registration
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