We are pleased that Aditi Devi Ma will be traveling to our community for the first time this autumn, to offer teachings focused on the Kali Practices, the annual nine-night Goddess festival of Navaratri, and Kali Fire Puja. These teachings and spiritual practices come from a living Shakta spiritual lineage based in north and northeast India and Nepal.

"An Introduction to the Song of the 100 Names of Adya Kali"
Friday, October 5th | 6 PM ~ 9 PM | Atmalogy


Do you love the Dark Goddesses and want to go deeper in your spiritual relationship to Her? In this evening introduction, we will immerse ourselves in some of the embodied practices of the Shakta Goddess Kali as She is worshipped in north and northeast India and Nepal. Along with learning more about the lineage of the Kali Kula and the worship of women as the divine, both our Friday night and Saturday morning gatherings will focus on the sadhana of the recitation of the hundred names of the Dark Mother Kali (aadyaa kaalikaadevyaah shatanaama stotram). This practice can be done alone as the foundation of one’s daily practice, or in community. The recitation of Her names is a form of embodied devotion, where the deity and the devotee become one. Join us on Friday night for a small and joyful introduction to Kali Ma and Her sadhana.

Continued Teachings and Practice with
“The Song of the 100 Names of Adya Kali”
Saturday, October 6th | 10 AM ~ 1 PM | Atmalogy


This morning, we will continue to work with the “Song of the Hundred Names of Adya Kali” with more detailed teachings and support for those who want to take up this daily spiritual practice with confidence, either alone or in small groups. There will be ample time for questions and answers as well as more details about shrine setup, what is the nature of a sacred spiritual vow, and the heart-womb of devotion.

An Introduction to Navaratri:
An Annual Shakta Goddess Festival
Saturday, October 6th, 2018 | 3 PM ~ 5 PM
The location is at a home near Hermitage
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Navaratri is the autumnal nine-night festival in India and Nepal that is dedicated to the Goddesses Kali, Saraswati, Lakshmi, and Durga. The Kalikula of north and northeast India and Nepal celebrates this annual festival in a slightly different way than other parts of India or as it is celebrated in mainstream Hinduism. Join us for an immersion in the Shakta version of this festival (which begins this year on the dark moon, Monday, October 8th) and learn how to celebrate this sacred festival in your own home, at your own shrine, and in your heart-womb.


Navaratri Potluck
Saturday, October 6th  |  5:15 PM ~ 6:30 PM
The location is at a home near Hermitage
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In honor of Navaratri, we will share a potluck meal together. Please bring a vegetarian food offering to share that is festive and suitable for sharing with others. Please also bring your own reusable plate, eating utensils, napkin, and beverage container (NO disposables please). We will make offering plates for Navaratri as well as sit in sacred circle as we feast and


Kali Fire Puja in Honor of Navaratr
Saturday, October 6th | 7 PM ~ 9 PM
The location is at a home near Hermitage
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Aditi Devi will offer a very special outdoor fire puja in honor of the dark Goddess Kali and to initiate our Navaratri celebrations. Join us in this honoring of Ma Kali and Navaratri as the new moon approaches. Bring outdoor seating material, your water bottle or thermos, warm clothing layers, offerings for the fire (including ghee and firewood), and a food offering to share.

About Aditi Devi Ma

Aditi Devi began the study and practice of South Asia Tantric traditions more than 25 years ago. As an initiated yogini, pujarini (ritualist, priestess), lineage holder, and authorized teacher,she haslived and practiced her sadhana with adepts in Nepal, India, and Tibet. Aditi Devi Ma’s practice, teaching,research and writing focus on the embodiment of the divine feminine in the Shakta Tantric and Yogini lineages of India and Nepal. Along the way, and before turning fully to the path of the yogini, she earned a Ph.D. in Anthropology and Asian Studies, and was a Fulbright Scholar and college professor.

Aditi Devi is authorized to teach what are called the Kali Practicesin the northern Kalikula focusing on the reverence of women as embodiments of the divine and awakening in the body, in deep relationality. These practices have their fullest expression in Assam, at the Temple of the Tantric Goddess Kamakhya, a yoni Goddess who is revered throughout South Asia (and indeed the world); this is one of Aditi’sspiritual homes and practice seats. After several years of living in a remote contemplative community, Aditi hastaken to the wandering life again, bringing her offerings to yoga retreats, teacher training courses, festivals, godowns, and wherever yoginis and yogins gather. She often makes pilgrimage to India and Nepal where she follows the trail of fierce desire, visiting remote Yogini Temples. She has just emerged for a traditional advanced solitary sadhana retreat where she spent more than six monthsin deep communion and contemplation with our Dark Mother Kali.

Her first book, In Praise of Adya Kali: Approaching the Primordial Dark Goddess Through the Song of Her Hundred Names, is a devotional to the Shakta Goddess Kali Ma (Hohm Press, 2014).

A weekend with the Goddess Kali

"The Song of the 100 Names of Adya Kali"

Celebrating Navaratri, and Kali Fire Puja