chakra creativity series
Opening the 7 Core Chakras through Creative Expression

Chakra means Wheel in Sanskrit.

These cone shaped vortices spin and vibrate within our energy body. We have many chakras including 7 major, 21 minor, and 49 minute and even more minuscule.

This series will focus on the 7 core Chakras  and how expressing ourselves creatively can open these Energy Centers.

Each Course in this Series will focus on opening a specific Chakra through sound, movement, art, our senses, and more.

Solar Plexus

Creativity Course

Ignite Your Inner Fire


Please join Jennifer for the Heart Chakra Workshop in July.

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Opening the Heart To Love

Sunday, July 11, 2021

1:00pm to 5:00pm

Cost:  $72.00

This is a journey to the heart and it begins with YOUR heart.

Once you begin to open your heart to Self-Love Every single thing in the universe falls in to place.

Songstress Kristin Clark will lead us on a Song Journey to open the heart and to release the old stories that keep us from loving ourselves. Robert Moss, best selling author and creator of active dreaming, an original synthesis of dreamwork and shamanism says of Kristin, ""These songs rise so strong and true and bittersweet from the heart blood that i know they can help call back lost soul parts from the garden on the dark side of the moon." Learn more of Kristin and the songs woven in her dreams by visiting her website:

This Event includes:

  • Healing Breathwork

  • Song Journey

  • Heart Meditation

  • Annointing ceremony

  • Self-love incense blending


Exchange: $72

Sunday, July 11

1:00pm to 5:00pm

Course will be held in East Nashville. Address sent upon paid registration.

***This event will be outdoors and we will practice safe social distancing.***


Past chakra series events:

  • Root Chakra or Muladhara and an Evening of Earth Magic

  • Sacral Chakra and Awaken Your Passion


Thank you for all who are joining Gaia Sisterhood on this chakra journey.

Events sell out quickly. Please follow us on our Facebook or Instagram page for alerts on ticket sales.

throat chakra

creativity course

August 8, 2021

More information coming soon

3rd eye chakra creativity 


September 10, 2021

More information coming soon

Crown Chakra

creativity course

October 10, 2021

More information coming soon