chakra creativity series
Opening the 7 Core Chakras through Creative Expression

Chakra means Wheel in Sanskrit.

These cone shaped vortices spin and vibrate within our energy body. We have many chakras including 7 major, 21 minor, and 49 minute and even more minuscule.

This series will focus on the 7 core Chakras  and how expressing ourselves creatively can open these Energy Centers.

Each Course in this Series will focus on opening a specific Chakra through sound, movement, art, our senses, and more.


Solar Plexus

Creativity Course

Ignite Your Inner Fire

"Ignite your inner Fire":  Reclaim your power and manifest abundance during this longest day and shortest night. June 18, 2021 / 6:00 to 9:30pm

This Combination Solar Plexus/ Summer Solstice Gathering is designed to help us tap into our personal power by connecting to the Solar Plexus Chakra of Mother Earth Herself. Join  Dream Coach and Advanced Reiki Master Dasha Bond and Jennifer Harvard of Gaia Sisterhood for a very special evening that includes:

This Event includes:

  • Journey to the dream space of Australia, connecting with ancient guides and sacred energies lead by Dasha Bond

  • Fire in the belly meditation with Jennifer

  • Create Aboriginal Digger Sticks

  • Ceremonial face and body painting with east muds

  • Create Flower Mandalas

  • Summer Solstice spiral dance

  • Drumming and singing

  • Fire Circle 


Exchange: $72

Friday, June 18, 2021

6:00pm to 10:00pm

Course will be held in East Nashville. Address sent upon paid registration.

***This event will be outdoors and we will practice safe social distancing.***

Gaia Sisterhood is thrilled to partner with Dasha Bond for our Solar Plexus journey. Dasha is a certified Dream Coach and Advanced Reiki Master dedicated to nourishing the spiritual lives of those seeking deeper connection with the wisdom of their dreams. She has been publicly working with dream groups and circles for over 15 years. She has also been fortunate to have the opportunity to study and work alongside several global dream teachers and masters, and has acquired a wide array of techniques and tools to work within the Dreamtime.  The study of dreams is ancient. The collective unconscious is something that is and has been shared across all cultures and all of time.  Dasha believes the Dreamtime is a sacred space where you can intimately become one with God, healing the mind, body & spirit.

Past chakra series events:

  • Root Chakra or Muladhara and an Evening of Earth Magic

  • Sacral Chakra and Awaken Your Passion


Thank you for all who are joining Gaia Sisterhood on this chakra journey.

Events sell out quickly. Please follow us on our Facebook or Instagram page for alerts on ticket sales.

Heart chakra 

creativity course

July 11, 2021

More information coming soon

throat chakra

creativity course

August 8, 2021

More information coming soon

3rd eye chakra creativity 


September 10, 2021

More information coming soon

Crown Chakra

creativity course

October 10, 2021

More information coming soon